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Trump's Biggest Whoppers


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George Conway @gtconway3d


Think of it. The Russia investigation was a legitimate investigation, with a legitimate basis, into how a hostile foreign power tried to interfere with and undermine our democracy. It was in the best interests of the nation—in the interests of all Americans,.....


... damning evidence laid out in the Mueller report, you refuse to take what the Russians did seriously. Instead, you continue to lie, calling the investigation a “hoax” and an “attempted coup,” and you didn’t even mention Russia’s ...

conduct in your recent 90-minute conversation with Putin, the man who seeks to undermine our institutions.

Put simply, you put your own perceptions of your self-interest above the national interest, which you seem unable to comprehend or respect. ...

... That is your greatest offense against the country, an offense that incorporates but vastly exceeds the statutory crimes you’ve committed.

It is the ultimate high crime or misdemeanor under the Constitution, and under the Framers’ wise design, ...



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Trump Administration Plans to End Protections for Endangered Species After UN Report Warns of 'Mass Extinction Event'


.....The Trump administration has long sought to ease protections for endangered species that hinder the gas and oil industry.

In July, the president proposed ending protections for species that are designated as “threatened” and not endangered. His administration also floated making it easier to remove species from the endangered list, and for the economic impact of protecting species to be considered before adding them to the list......

U.S. Secretary of the Interior,  Bernhardt had worked to block a report by scientists at the Fish and Wildlife Service that found the use of three popular pesticides could “jeopardize the continued existence” of more than 1,200 endangered animals and plants. The report may have led to tighter regulations on the chemicals. Bernhardt, then deputy secretary of the interior, stopped the release of the report and instead instituted a new set of loose rules used to determine if pesticides were dangerous.

This is Bernhardt's second stint at the Department of Interior. During President George W. Bush's two terms in the White House, he filled a number of roles at Interior, including solicitor. 

Between leaving the department in 2009 and returning in 2017, Bernhardt worked as a lobbyist and lawyer for the oil industry.


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Beto is polling at 2%. He could beat Cornyn in TX.

Hickenlooper is polling at 1%. He could beat Gardner in CO.

Bullock is polling at 0%. He could beat Daines in MT.

Stacey Abrams isn’t even running. She could beat Perdue in GA.

We *need* the Senate in 2020.

I know the presidency is shiny, but the fact that quality candidates from red states are foregoing Senate runs is an issue.

That’s not to say having good candidates in the prez race isn’t important, but we need established Ds putting Rs on the offensive and spending their money.

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Joe Scarborough Retweeted Brian Tyler Cohen

The greatest challenge for the Democratic Party is winning back the Senate. That will prove to be a long, hard slog. If Democrats do not win it back next year, Mitch McConnell will shape the judiciary for the next 40 years. These candidates could make a historic difference.

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Nancy Pelosi suggested that the House could pursue contempt charges against multiple people in Trump’s orbit — not just the attorney general — as Democrats look to overcome the president’s blanket effort to hobble their investigations



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Their is no reason for the U.S. Consumer to pay the Tariffs, which take effect on China today. This has been proven recently when only 4 points were paid by the U.S., 21 points by China because China subsidizes product to such a large degree. Also, the Tariffs can be completely avoided if you by from a non-Tariffed Country, or you buy the product inside the USA (the best idea). That’s Zero Tariffs. Many Tariffed companies will be leaving China for Vietnam and other such countries in Asia. That’s why China wants to make a deal so badly! 

There will be nobody left in China to do business with. Very bad for China, very good for USA! But China has taken so advantage of the U.S. for so many years, that they are way ahead (Our Presidents did not do the job). Therefore, China should not retaliate-will only get worse!

6:40 AM - 13 May 2019

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Strict state anti-abortion laws aimed at Supreme Court, buy justices not eager to consider them

There's just one problem: The laws conflict with Supreme Court precedents.



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  • NipkowDisc changed the title to the liberal news media forgets everything

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