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Trump's Biggest Whoppers


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48 minutes ago, TheCid said:

I am posting this here for those who may not read the Impeachment, Conviction and 25th Amendment thread.  This thread has become the "All things Trump" thread.

The below column by Jennifer Rubin was printed May 15, but I believe it is still accurate to the impeachment question.  Basically, she is saying what I have been advocating.  The Dems need to build a much stronger case and follow due process (for lack of a better term) before rushing to impeachment.  She outlines what that entails.


The flip side of this argument is that impeachment hearings are just that ... hearings.  They don't necessarily lead to an impeachment vote but one thing they do do is give Congress a legitimate legal case for their subpoenas.  

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Everybody, including me, thought that when the 40 Million Dollar Mueller Report was released with No Collusion and No Obstruction (of a crime caused by others), that was the end. But no, the Democrats want to keep it going in an effort to help them in 2020. Bad for the Country!

9:50 AM - 22 May 2019
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The Post Most
Share:   dcdaf17bbedef95c1e9a35aa51a050b0-100-100-70-8-twittertpmsquare.png    9ffbefa73350fe8ec4dd01fec89b6161-100-100-70-8-fbtpmsquare.png   ●   Sign up   ●   Read online
(Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)
Leonard Leo’s behind-the-scenes campaign to remake the nation’s courts
Few people outside government have more influence over judicial appointments than Leonard Leo, an unofficial adviser to President Trump who has helped conservative nonprofits raise $250 million from mostly undisclosed donors to promote conservative judges and causes.

By Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Shawn Boburg    Read more »


Judge rules against Trump in fight over president’s financial records
By Devlin Barrett, Spencer S. Hsu, Rachael Bade and Josh Dawsey    Read more »
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Breaking: The Eastern Virginia Medical School could not “conclusively determine” if Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is indeed one of the individuals depicted in a racist photo on his 1984 yearbook page



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DURBIN: “High drama in the cabinet room. We were all invited, dem leaders, for the follow-up meeting on infrastructure, everyone showed up, sat in their chairs, the President walked in the room and announced he was not going to go forward with the meeting, he was cancelling it.”

DURBIN continues about the WH mtg on infrastructure: “(Trump) objected to the continued investigation of obstruction of justice, he said he cooperated and gave his side of the story, as we’ve heard before.” “I don’t know where this leaves us as a nation,” Durbin said.

Durbin says the entire meeting lasted “no more than 5 minutes.”

After he left Pelosi said a few words of the importance of the meeting and doing infrastructure, he says.

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  • NipkowDisc changed the title to the liberal news media forgets everything

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