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Trump's Biggest Whoppers


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43 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Bradley P. Moss Retweeted Donald J. Trump

I’m so glad you made a man who was dumb as a rock your Secretary of State. That makes me feel so reassured about your hiring choices.

And don't forget "totally ill-prepared and ill-equipped" .

"Only the very best people!"  What an Effing Moron!  HAHAHA!!!! 

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One of the Dem senators pointed out today that Trump and McConnell have been very successful at one aspect of his presidency.  Stuffing the Federal judiciary with conservative judges who will be there for decades to come.  Elections have results.

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11 hours ago, jakeem said:

Steven Beschloss Retweeted HillReporter.com

1. The amazing thing is these Trumps imagine they are really popular.

2. These Trumps think the public doesn’t see how corrupt and criminal they are.

3. It’s hard to run a campaign from jail.

I wonder about number 3. I'm not sure that James Michael Curley ran a mayoral campaign from jail, but that may be the only "achomlishment" he can't claim. I'm not as confident that it won't happen as Mr. Beschloss seems to be here. [The URL didn't appear, but put "James Michael Curley" into the search box in Wikipedia and you'll see what I mean.]

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The Democrats are getting nothing done in Congress. All of their effort is about a Re-Do of the Mueller Report, which didn’t turn out the way they wanted. It is not possible for them to investigate and legislate at the same time. Their heart is not into Infrastructure, lower drug prices, pre-existing conditions and our great Vets. All they are geared up to do, six committees, is squander time, day after day, trying to find anything which will be bad for me. A pure fishing expedition like this never happened before, & it should never happen again!

7:56 AM - 23 May 2019
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I was extremely calm yesterday with my meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, knowing that they would say I was raging, which they always do, along with their partner, the Fake News Media. Well, so many stories about the meeting use the Rage narrative anyway - Fake & Corrupt Press!

10:13 AM - 23 May 2019
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Prosecutors say a Chicago banker bribed Paul Manafort, by approving $16 million in loans, while seeking a Trump administration cabinet post. Manafort passed on his resume to Kushner but the banker never got a job. Now he's facing a federal bribery charge.

The banker, Stephen Calk, will make his first court appearance today in Manhattan.

The Calk saga played out at Manafort's trial, where prosecutors trotted out witnesses to describe how Calk's bank granted the loans. SCO prosecutor Greg Andres declared that Calk was a "co-conspirator" with Manafort who "participated in the conspiracy to defraud the bank."

The Manafort jury deadlocked on the four counts of bank fraud and conspiracy related to the fraudulent loans Manafort received from Calk's bank. (The vote was 11-to-1 in favor of conviction, according to court filings.)

Months later, Manafort pleaded guilty in a separate federal case in Washington, DC, and admitted to all the conduct alleged in the Virginia trial, including conspiring with Calk to commit bank fraud.

Calk never got any of the positions he sought in the Trump administration, including secretary of defense, secretary of the army and secretary of the treasury.

But Manafort's efforts did result in Calk receiving a formal interview with the Trump transition to be undersecretary of the Army, according to the indictment. The interview was at the Trump transition HQ in January 2017.


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19 minutes ago, jakeem said:

When the Democrats in Congress refinish, for the 5th time, their Fake work on their very disappointing Mueller Report finding, they will have the time to get the REAL work of the people done. Move quickly!

10:27 AM - 23 May 2019

He suggests that the democrats move quickly with their investigations while totally stonewalling them.

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  • NipkowDisc changed the title to the liberal news media forgets everything

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