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Trump's Biggest Whoppers

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3 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:


Image result for thomas jefferson sally hemings painting

There are no contemporaneous portraits of Sally Hemings, just a few descriptions of her, so

we don't know what she looked like except that she was fair skinned and possibly attractive.

We also don't know the circumstances under which she had intercourse with Jefferson. Was

it voluntary or involuntary. If the latter she would have good cause to spit on his grave if

she ever visited it. Look out, here comes Master Tom with his britches down below his knees.


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12 hours ago, hamradio said:

You constantly bring up the Civial War era slavery -  it's an OBSESSION! There is nothing anyone can do about it!  Never have I heard you mention modern day slave labor / concentration camps which still exist. Why...they are not black or Jews so it doesn't fit the divide and conquer narrative?

EVERYBODY knows about the Civil War and the Holocaust during WWII  unless one lived in a "Blast From The Past" style bomb shelter.














This isn't about North Korea, Pakistan, India, China, Bosnia or any other place in the world.

This is about American history and where it has led us to what we are today.

This is no Fox trendy narrative, this is who we are and what we are because of where we have been and what has been done to us.

 We need to know about the world because we live in the world. But our own history tells us why we are having the problems and the difficulties that we are having today.

If you can't face your own home or domestic problems, there's no point in talking about world issues.

This isn't about anything but reality and how we're going to solve our own problems.

But as we all know --

you can't solve a problem unless you first admit that you have a problem.

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Marshall CohenVerified account @MarshallCohen 8h8 hours ago


They weren’t just “bloggers in Moscow,” like Trump said.

And they were worse than regular hackers.


They were Russian military officers.

It was an attack by a hostile military.


Daniel DaleVerified account @ddale8


For the second time, Trump said that the Mueller report talked about dozens of "bloggers in Moscow."

The Mueller report talked about hackers, not bloggers. They are different.

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Daniel DaleVerified account @ddale8 11h11 hours ago


Here's a non-exhaustive list of the false claims Trump made in his ABC interview,


whose transcript has been posted here:

Transcript: ABC News' George Stephanopoulos' exclusive interview with President Trump


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John Oliver: “I can’t guarantee that impeachment will work out the way that you want it to...but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Because if nothing else, we’d be standing by the basic, fundamental principle that nobody is above the law.”



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