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Trump's Biggest Whoppers

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The Supreme Court has ruled 6-3 that sewage plants and other industries must abide by environmental requirements under the Clean Water Act when sending dirty water on an indirect route to rivers and oceans.
1:59 PM · Apr 23, 2020·TweetDeck
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1 minute ago, jakeem said:


The Supreme Court has ruled 6-3 that sewage plants and other industries must abide by environmental requirements under the Clean Water Act when sending dirty water on an indirect route to rivers and oceans.
1:59 PM · Apr 23, 2020·TweetDeck

Who the heck was trying to get this overturned?  Trump?

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43 minutes ago, jakeem said:


NEW: In deleted tweets, new HHS spokesman Michael Caputo said the coronavirus was because "millions of Chinese suck the blood out of rabid bats as an appetizer and eat the **** out of anteaters."
He said Democrats had a "goal" of "massive deaths."
2:07 PM · Apr 23, 2020·Twitter Web App

That "w*p" should talk  Here's the stuff we eat

1. Maggot Cheese (Casu Marzu, Sardinia)

Basically, the decomposition these maggots cause to Sardinian sheep milk aged pecorino cheese creates a soft and pungent aged cheese. There was a period where the E.U. Food and Safety Commission banned the production of this infested cheese (and rightly so). Then, there – of course – developed a black market for the stuff, which cost double the price of the non-rotted, non-maggot-filled version of pecorino. Now the ban has been lifted, but the cheese is still held in cultural regard. Would you pay more for maggots in your cheese?

2. Cow Guts (Lampredotto, Tuscany)

In Florence, you will find (cleaned) guts stewing in broth and slung into bread rolls, or on a plate with spicy or herbed sauces (you’re going to need some flavor enhancer!), along with a cheap glass of Chianti on the side of the road or in a piazza. It’s actually quite good. 

3. Stuffed Mice with Mince (Dormice, Rome)

Yes, they are still eaten. Today, these mice are a protected species, but in ancient Roman times, they were stuffed with mince meat, nuts, herbs and spices. Yum! It is reported that this ancient delicacy is still consumed (in the tens of thousands!) in a small village located in the Southern Italian region of Calabria.

4. Tuscan Chicken Liver Crostini (Tuscany)

Okay, so this is like a pate, but some recipes use anchovies and chicken hearts in addition to chicken liver. It is not as fancy and smooth, like French pate; there are definitely bits and chunks of liver in this stuff. But the locals love it. As Hannibal Lecter suggests, it goes great with a glass of Chianti.

5. Pani ca Meusa (Sicilian Spleen Sandwiches)

This is the epitome of (weird) Mediterranean street food – not a normal sliced meat panini or burger – this is the cow spleen served with either caciocavallo (stretched curd cheese) or ricotta, with lemon juice wedged between Sicilian bread.

6. Pork Blood Cake (Tuscany)

Sweet bloody pie? Well, if you can make it look like chocolate and taste like a cake, then what’s the harm? “Never waste a drop of anything” is the philosophy in the Tuscan kitchen.

7. Songbirds, Brescia (Lombardy)

These little birdies are not just the ones that sing to you in the morning – but the ones that also get stuffed with random meat bits (including pork, beef, rabbit, and even other bits of little birds!). Then, they are slow broiled on skewers!  It is traditionally served with polenta.

8. Head Cheese 

Head cheese is not a dairy cheese, but a terrine or meat jelly often made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig, or less commonly a sheep or cow, and often set in aspic.

9. Ciehe Fritte 

Fried baby eels are popular as an appetiser; they are blind (cieche) because they are so young, a few centimetres long and transparent in colour. 

10. Pajata 

To rustle up this Roman dish, milk-fed calf intestines are cooked without emptying them. During cooking, the heat turns the partially-digested milk inside them into a thick, cheese-like sauce. Once sliced, it can be served either on its own or as a pasta sauce.

11. Buristo 

This Sienese take on salami is made with de-boned pig's head, lard and fresh pig's blood, boiled inside a pig's stomach to make a 'blood and bits' sausage.

12. Tuna ****

Dried sacs of milt, the technical term for tuna ****, known as 'lattume', are served with pasta in Sicily, where they are considered an aphrodisiac.

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7 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Never until after the swearing in of President Biden he means

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Mayor Goodman, pushing to reopen Las Vegas, says city survived diseases such as E. coli and bird flu

@KatyTurNBC: "Those were not as contagious"

Goodman: "We’ll find out the facts afterwards"

Tur: "Those are the facts; we have a death toll that proves it"

4:01 PM · Apr 23, 2020·SocialFlow
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Attorney for Dr. Rick Bright: “We will soon be filing a whistleblower complaint with both the Office of Special Counsel and the HHS Inspector General on behalf of Dr. Rick Bright detailing the retaliatory treatment to which he was subjected by HHS political leadership."
4:19 PM · Apr 23, 2020·Twitter Web App
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10 hours ago, jakeem said:


The coronavirus pandemic is shaking fundamental assumptions about U.S. exceptionalism. Seeing images of overwhelmed American hospital wards and snaking jobless lines, many are looking at the richest and most powerful nation in the world with disbelief.

Anyone who stays in the U.S. for a few weeks can figure out that U.S. exceptionalism is just a scam.

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An asteroid estimated to be 1.2 miles wide will fly by Earth next week, but it's not expected to collide with our planet. When viewed in a Doppler radar image, it looks like it's wearing a 'face mask.'
3:50 PM · Apr 23, 2020·SocialFlow
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  • NipkowDisc changed the title to the liberal news media forgets everything

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