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Trump's Biggest Whoppers

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The question of whether President Trump will get to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court before the election essentially comes down to four GOP votes in the Senate, deciding whether they want to give that to him, and to break the principle McConnell invented in 2016.
Among the senators who will be under intense pressure on this question will be Susan Collins, up for election herself and struggling with how much to attach herself to Trump, and who said after impeachment she thought Trump had learned his lesson about changing behavior.
Murkowski has said she is against an appointment before the inauguration. But that was theoretical. Now it’s real. She’s not up for election this year. Neither is Romney.
Another remote possibility: an election that gets kicked to the Supreme Court somehow. There would be only eight justices, no tiebreaker if needed - though this leaves a 5-3 conservative majority. Could potentially put Roberts, the institutionalist, under intense pressure.
There is no way Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, Susan Collins or anyone running a re-election race puts any distance between themselves and Trump, as they may be pressured to, and vote for Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court nominee.
But it’s not just senators with races this year. There are more GOP senators than say so publicly who have major problems with Trump and worry about what he means for the future of the party and the country.
So: do they back him here when he needs it and could help his victory?
If there are Judiciary Committee hearings on a nominee (if McConnell doesn’t take Trump’s inevitable nominee right to the floor), it will also give a major platform for committee member Kamala Harris right at the height of the campaign.
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Pres Trump is delivering a generic campaign speech and just touched on the Supreme Court without knowing about Justice Ginsburg’s death.
He said, “The next president will get 1, 2, 3 or 4 Supreme Court Justices. I’ve had 2. .. So this is going to be the most important election.”
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Please let's save the politics for another day. The rank hypocrisy, outrage, and vote counting. Justice Ginsburg was a towering figure, a fighter. Time and time again she beat the odds. She wouldn't want anyone to give up or be deterred from fighting for the dreams she embodied.
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Senator Graham, the Judiciary Committee chairman, is on the ballot. Sens. Cornyn, Ernst, Tillis are on the committee and up for reelection. Sens. Collins, Gardner and McSally are in challenging reelections. So far, no statements on whether to move forward with a confirmation
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