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Trump's Biggest Whoppers

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PA does look like tipping pt state. If you give Trump all states w/in MOE, it's 259-259
TX Trump+0.1
GA Biden+0.4
IA Biden +1.2
OH Trump +1.4
ME-2 Biden +2.1
FL Biden +2.5
NC Biden +2.6
AZ Biden +2.7
PA Biden +5.7
NV Biden +6.2
WI Biden +6.7
MI Biden +7.5
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Vice President Mike Pence is not expected to preside over the Senate’s confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett tonight unless his vote is somehow necessary to approve her
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Pence reverses and won’t preside at Barrett vote after criticism from Dems over his exposure to aides with covid.
“Vice President Pence is campaigning in Minnesota today. The VP is not planning to be at the Senate tonight unless his vote is needed,” aide tells @sarahcwestwood
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech from Jerusalem to the Republican National Convention has landed him under investigation for potentially abusing his office, according to the chairpeople of the House foreign-relations and appropriations committees
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Donald Trump still leads in Texas, according to the final Times/Siena poll of the state, as strength among nonwhite voters does just enough to overcome all out rebellion in the suburbs
Trump 47, Biden 43
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The story in TX is pretty consistent: Trump has plummeted since '16 in white-collar suburbs, w/ potentially catastrophic implications for GOP control of congressional seats & the state house.
But Trump's modest gains w/ low-income Hispanics (RGV, etc.) may save him statewide.
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After Obama's FL trip tomorrow he should go to Texas, maybe 2 days in a row. Early vote demo there shows it's his young non-white coalition, not Biden's white college/non-college strength making the difference in Texas. Keep Joe in the Rust Belt and GA, FL, NC. Barack closes TX.
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