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Trump's Biggest Whoppers

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Across the food and grocery industry, the holidays are starting to resemble the panic of the pandemic spring, when the supply chain was stressed. This time around, grocers say the limits are proactive measures, rather than a sign of looming shortages.
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Here's a guide to some of President-elect Biden's policy platforms and promises related to health care — on issues including:
the pandemic
the Affordable Care Act
Medicare and Medicaid
drug and health care costs

racial health disparities

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7 hours ago, jakeem said:


The Constitution expressly grants the President pardon power.
Anyone calling President Trump’s pardon of Michael Flynn an “abuse of power” is mistaken.

This from the heel that did nothing to protect his student's and allowed their abuse to continue with his convenient silence.

It really does say something about the people who choose to elect him time and again.

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Longtime EPA employees are reportedly fighting the Trump administration's last plans for deregulation and holding closed-door discussions with the Biden administration on reinstating environmental protections.
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Outside Trump's bedroom window is the sound of building: hammers, drills, trucks.
Construction of the parade platform for Biden's inauguration festivities is well underway. The viewing stand and bleachers are almost complete — and all within Trump's view.
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Joe Biden is leaning toward naming former Obama administration national security adviser Tom Donilon as his CIA director as he faces loud opposition from the left toward the other top contender for the job, Mike Morell
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This is just not true and not supported by any legitimate data sources. This means that Newt remaining so invested in preserving Trump's power leaves three options:
1.) has he lost his mental faculties?
2.) he is somehow profiting thru Trump or
3.) he's involved in the grift.
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The growing list of similarities between Andrew Johnson and Donald Trump:
— denied a second term;
— only one-term presidents to be impeached;
— never won the popular vote for president;
— noted for appeals to racial bias;
— claimed to be the greatest president since Lincoln
—rated by many historians as the worst president ever, and by nearly all as the worst since James Buchanan.

So, if Trump becomes the first president to skip his successor’s inaugural since Johnson, he’ll just be adding to the list..

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