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Young Bride

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I had seen this before, but I'd forgotten how hard-hitting it was. I thought Helen Twelvetrees was excellent and Arline Judge looked like a down-and-dirty Claudette Colbert. Come to think of it, so did Colbert when the part called for it. I thought the film touched on many issues, especially the depression and the bittersweet ending was quite realistic.Helen Twelvetrees has got to have the saddest eyes AND eyebrows in the world!!

Would love to hear from anyone who's seen this film!

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i saw it too, when it was on late at night recently. Helen Twelvetrees is so adorable in it. i haven't seen too many of her movies, but i think it is the best one i've seen her in so far. you're right, her eyes are like big sad pools, always kind of teary looking. maybe that's why they always put her in melodramas. Arline Judge... was she the dance hall girl? she was also quite good, her scenes were probably my favorite parts of the movie.

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I loved this movie. I had been on the net looking for info on Helen Twelvetrees and finally it seems she had a hard, hurtful life so her sad eyes were real and she fit those sad stories perfectly. The Young Bride was short but jam-packed. Helen and Eric Linden was an excellent couple. Arline Judge was a great hussy. Before Lana Turner or Elizabeth Taylor, she had 7 or 8 husbands. Those pre-code films were like soap operas but not too mushy and crybaby. Pre-code movies told it like it is, it was reality. Pre code films showed the world wasn't as innocent as we think. I guess that's why they were done away with. Sin was alive and well then. Panama Flo starring Helen Twelvetrees came on last week and that was a good film too. Helen was basically sold into white slavery after she was forced to con a man out of his money. Helen usually played good girls who go wrong and good girls who always get caught in bad situation. I want to see more of Helen's films. I find it interesting that Helen wasn't included in the pre-code documentary that TCM aired. The documentary only had Mae West, Norma Shearer, women we already know. The documentary didn't talk about the big stars of pre-code who are today forgotten. Helen Twelvetrees popularity was huge in the pre-code era but after the pre-code era she became less popular. People triedof her sad soap opera stories but when she was at her best she was the best. I like Helen better then sad Ann Harding.


These pre-code movies come on later in the middle of the night or early mornings. I always try to catch them. I feel TCM should show these films through the day so people can be more familiar with with the forgotten pre-code stars but TCM rather promote the movies of legends we already know about.

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"I had been on the net looking for info on Helen Twelvetrees and finally it seems she had a hard, hurtful life so her sad eyes were real and she fit those sad stories perfectly."


I remember my father talking about Helen Twelvetrees. She was a favorite at the time; but I'd never heard anything about her life. Can you tell us something more about her? I know she didn't make movies after the 1930's; is that when she died? What caused the sorrow in her life?

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Helen's life story is the typical actress story - wrong choice of men, too trusting, broken promises, abuse, depression, breakdowns, alcoholic, suicide attempts - you know the story! Her first marriage was when she was under 20, she married a guy who was an actor, last name was Twelvetrees, she kept his name but he caused her plenty of grief. He left her standing at the steps of the church after they were married while he went out drinking. So from that early on it was a bad marriage. He was jealous of her career going up because his was going nowhere so he abused her emotionally and physically and after many threats of killing himself and blaming it on her if she didn't quit the movies, he finally jumped from a window, it wasn't a far jump but he was unconscious for days and she was held for suspicion of murder but he awaken and cleared her. She stayed with him out of pity but eventually left him. I know that sounds like a movie but it's real coincidentally Helen were in many stories like these on stage and screen. She wa popular in the pre-code era but after that the public got tried of her sad stories and Hollywood just gave her the boot. She went back to the stage where she was in a few plays like "A Streetcar Named Desire" but other plays were mostly were flops. She went on to have more bad marriages and a drinking problem until she killed herself. I'm surprised no one wrote a book on her. Her life was a melodrama, a soap opera like the films she starred. Helen should have been in A Star Is Born(the 30's version) because that fit what happen to in her early career.

Helen has a son but I don't know where he is.


Everyone been telling me to check out Helen in Her Men and Millie which is one of the films that made her a star, it's about 5 men betraying her.


Another thing about the Young Bride that lets you know it's pre-code is when Eric and Helen were in the bed together after they were married. It would have been even more risque had they been in the bed before they were married.


Were there any other movies were a man and a woman shared a bed in the 30's and 40's? Because I've only seen men and women have a separate bed in films. Also, did some husbands and wives really sleep in separate beds back then?

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