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Natalie Wood also has her own FB page!!!


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 On a very personal note to me-(NATASHA) & a link to what I only last night posted about *Sinatra now having his own "Facebook page"-(although like I said, for obvious reasons he has nada to do w/his, but it still has his legions of fans writing in & tons of photos & such)-(P.S. you should go see what I mean)


The same obviously goes for (NATALIA NIKOLAEVNIA ZAKHARENKO)-(Natalie Gurdin & later Wood) Born: July 20th, 1938 in San Francisco, CALIF. Born to both Russian parents. Warner Bros. publicity dept would insist she was 5'3, but the truth was Natalie was barely 5'0. & I bet she barely weighed in at 105lbs at best. Sooo tiny!   Other actresses were actually shorter, but not many G. Swanson & Judy Garland were 4'11. & Mae West was also 5'0. & she had brown eyes.


Anyhow, thought I'd fill the other fans of the tragic-lady-(& I do mean "LADY!") in on some more things on the net about her. There's  unfortunately not much though?


Sometimes I feel as though she's almost been forgotten nowadays & especially w/each passing year.


Even with "AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars" (l999 poll) She didn't even place in the actresses top #25!?


Now I know she wasn't *Kate, Garbo or *Davis,  but the likes of Lombard-(who I think is terrific), Ava, Bacall, Hayworth, *Sophia Loren-(who defeated her for the 1961 Best Actress *Oscar) weren't quite nommed as many times (3) & were not in as many now classic high powered films as her. & these terrific ladies do finish out AFI's top #25. & her film career lasted: 38 years as well.


(P.S. I was on a quest of 18yrs at the time, when finally in April of 1999 I finally got to visit tiny (3 & 1/2 acres/ as opposed to Glendale's, "F. Lawn" & it's mountainous 318 acres!) "Westwood, cem."

When, I made my way over to her grave-(always located under this huge tree) & she actually had more flowers-(& her typical pennies) on her final resting place, then even that of the legendary niche of Marilyn Monroe!  It was that way on this day anyway, probably very rare


Even got to drive up to her very humble home-(603 Canon dr.) in B. Hills-(TRIVIA: Peggy Lee later purchase it) on 1 of the tour buses, however & this is typical to what I was just talking about. A company called "Trolleywood" tried to back out when I was about to board the bus, saying the weren't going down Canon Drive & I raised hell & reminded 'em about the deal,etc  So, they obviously did

& dig this, their rational for not wanting to go down that street was, "that no big stars ever lived on it"  unquote


Also, who owns that superb book on her by author Susan Finsted?


& a tip, not only to the female TCM-ITES, but maybe for guys that want to buy this, either to just own it because it's after her, or for a lady in your life


Daughter: Natasha Gregson Wagner-(l970-) ("Two Girls and a Guy" "Lost Highway" "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"-(the movie) & a strong film from '98 "Another Day in Paradise" & other works) just recently did interviews about her own book of her mahd-(russian)  & if you check this is all over the net right now, she's produced a perfume that she says was Natalie's favorite-("Jungle Gardenia") & a really cool item is that it was 1st introduced to an only 8yr old Wood & by Barbara Stanwyck, on set of 1946's "The Bride Wore Boots" & she wore it for the rest of her life, according to Natasha. & it was still the main thing she recalls about her mother too. "Natalie Wood: Fragrence" :(




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Natalie's sister Lana has been very active also in keeping Natalie's memory alive for years.


Most old stars have profiles or at least fan clubs on facebook. So this is not  rare. I found two Louise Brooks pages there and she was big a hundred years ago.

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