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All-Time favs in the movies, but listed different & maybe better?


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   1st of all I must give credit to our fellow TCM-ITE (LawrenceA)

on thisone & in the order of listing anyone's overall all-time favs in motion picture history.


I've always listed things like this in the old fashioned traditional way-(ala AFI, Sight and Sound, etc)


But, this probably cuts more to the chase-(please let me know not only on my pix, but do you agree?)


& again, only personal favs & not particularly the actual greatest & as usual (*-indicates an *Oscar winner)


My own overall favorite's  not devided into categories>


Classic Stars:   Natalie Wood, *Spencer Tracy,  *Frank Sinatra, *James Cagney, *Charles (Spencer) Chaplin,  Greta Garbo & *Katharine Hepburn (NOTE: Although "The Great 0ne: Jackie Gleason-(a nickname *Welles started & then Lucy kept going by the way) is my #3rd & final Idol, but more for "The Honeymooners" (l956-56)


Alive Stars: Winona Ryder :rolleyes: -(I know & as I stated not the best, she's not exactly *Streep), Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg Ryan, *Robert De Niro, *Robert Duvall, *"The Woodman"-Woody Allen & my overall personal fav. star-(not actress) today is: Madonna-(I'm certain that will gather many a laugh) :rolleyes:


& if I could meet a "Living" Star:  Madonna (Louise Veronica Ciccone)-(though a limited actress, she has made (27) pix td), Winona,  Michelle, Meg Ryan, *De Niro & *Duvall.-(NOTE: My mother did get to meet the actor around 1980 at "Playboy Casino" in AC when she was security for the hotel.) :D


Directors: *John Ford, Hitchcock, *Woody Allen, Howard Hawks, *0rson Welles, Stanley Kubrick & *Martin Scorsese


Classic Films: "Citizen Kane" "Captains Courageous" *"Casablanca"  "City Lights" & "Dumbo"


Post 1970's:  *"The Godfather, Part I and II"-(1972 version a bit higher), "Raging Bull" "Apocalypse Now"  *"Annie Hall" & "GoodFellas"


& so far for this decade (2010-): *"The Artist" "Gravity" & "Life Itself" 


& the greatest new release I reviewed in 33yrs: *"Schindler's List"


NOW, the actual greatest in my view is a different matter, for the most pt. :D



In short: "Kane" is thee greatest motion picture I've ever seen!


*"The Great: Spencer Tracy" is the greatest motion picture actor-(empysis on film, because *0livier is arguably the finest on stage)


& Garbo is the best this long time movie fan has yet to see



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