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Please suspend the EDIT your own post capability

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TCMWebAdmin et al,


If it is technologically possible to turn off one's ability to edit their own posts, please consider doing so; it should 'fix' the current problem. Any new posts by the offending party could then be ignored and/or deleted the way SPAM is currently handled.


Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

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Don't know. I do know that another user had requested having all their posts deleted some time ago (e.g. because he'd been having login problems, etc.) and the administrator was able to do so without disrupting any of the threads, so I doubt it.


If the edit your post capability was removed, of course, we'd have to suffer through having all of our spelling and/or grammatical mistakes being corrected by you know who ... remember when we thought that was the worst thing happening on these boards;-)


Now that you've edited your post, mine makes no sense (as usual, I guess;-)


Message was edited by:


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I share your frustration in trying to read anything in the last several days on the board. I think that the edit feature is invaluable since my spelling/grammar often needs to be corrected--and I invariably only spot the problem after posting. Perhaps the TCM administrator could consider limiting the number of times that a post could be edited, (say twice for example), and then lock out further edits? Just a thought. And of course, suspending the login of anyone who abuses their privileges by continuously hijacking the entire board seems a logical move to some posters, myself included. Any thoughts or comments on this, TCM or Path or Fred?

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I agree with you. Personal flame wars and attempts to mess up the board with flame-war spam should not be tolerated by the board Administrator.


Here is the message on the ?Report Spam? thread:




To report spam on the TCM message boards, please send an email to tcm@turner.com. Be sure to provide us with their user id.


We aim to make your time on the TCM message boards a spam-free experience.




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> I think that the edit feature is invaluable since my

> spelling/grammar often needs to be corrected--and I

> invariably only spot the problem after posting.


I also would hate to lose the edit feature altogether.


Perhaps a delete-this-message button could be added so posters could delete the message rather than just the contents. It could come in handy for those times when you reply to a question and someone else answers the question with better information, while you were writing your reply. That has happened to me more than once.


The downside to the delete-this-message button is that if someone wants to disrupt rather than delete, he or she could still stir up trouble.


Another solution might be a delete-this-user button that both the poster and system administrator could control. If someone wants to erase everything, let it happen all at once.


Anything would be better than these daily edit-storms.



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My problem is that sometimes when a message is edited, there isn't a half-filled orange dot next to the thread. I think that I have read all the new messages, but when I go back to the forum screen, there is an orange dot next to the forum name indicating that there are unread messages. However, when I go into the forum, NO orange dots next to any threads! I read all the new messages, so the unread messages indicator is important to me.


Sandy K

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I'll just be on hold with regards to coming here until TCM Admin fixes this problem. >>




I, too, sent a long detailed message on Monday, the 11th to TCMWebAdmin. I know a couple of other posters have as well.


I think alot of people are thinking along those same lines. Today was one of the slowest posting days we have had in quite some time.


Perhaps a number of people are waiting to see if and how TCMAdmin addresses this problem.


We are not asking for the board to become moderated but there should be a process for reporting an out of control poster and there should be consquences for anyone that posts using excessive profanity and threatening messages.

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I hate to see the Edit capability disappear for the same reason as all of you, however, some of our best and informative posters give lengthy posts, and therefore the idea of a 'delete this post' would discourage these knowledgeable posts. We know the offenders' clues now, the mis-spelling of certain words, and pronouns, the sharp tongue used in an abusive way rather than a teasing way. When we see this we know enough now to notify TCM Admin. so they can delete the problem posts, or posters. The only drawback is a new poster who may not know what trouble he can get into if he replies to certain posters, but as in the case of the clown who comes along every now and then with his Osmond Movies request, the first time I saw it, I replied to him, but one of the older posters informed me by P/M about his shenanigans, and I just ignored it this last time. The P/M is great for letting new posters know the ins and outs.


One thing I would like to see is a copy option on the post menu, that way, if the post is lost, it can be reinstated. I use the Edit/Copy option at the top of my page now, but many people don't know about it, or think about it.



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Some other boards that I post on have a limitation on edits anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours. After that, it's locked even to the original poster.


I was being a bit facetious over in GD when I said that I really hate this message board software. Except that, well, I really hate this message board software. Something like PunBB or UBB would be so much better -- no need to constantly relog in, threads arranged in order from oldest to newest, the ability to time control edits. I've run message boards in the past, and without a doubt this is some of the most annoying, with the possible exception of WebX.


I love the discussion here, but the software is atrocious. I think it comes with the Omniture content management software used for the rest of the site, but it's sorely in need of updating.

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I only frequent one other message board and it too is unmoderated. However, it has a report this message button on each post so that if a post is way over the top or filled with threats and/or profanity, posters can just click on the report this message button and the WebAdmin will be notified and the post (and original poster) can be dealt with. The offending message is usually then deleted by the Webadmin so that the board is not thrown into chaos.


They do have an edit button where you can go in and fix typos or add to a post but once a post is responded to, the edit function is suspended making it impossible to go in and delete the post.


Just some ideas....

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There is the Ignore Member button with each post. This allows any poster to click on the button and they will no longer see posts from those they want to ignore. Should they change their mind, they can click on the button and start seeing the posts again.


If they can't see it, they can't respond and that keeps down to at least a dull roar.

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