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They're called bugs and they're just as annoying. I wish all stations would drop them entirely. Some stations are, however, much worse than TCM and either leave the bug on at all times or accompany the bug with scrolling pop-up windows and data. I will not watch channels that do that no matter what they play.

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I didn't know that they were called "bugs" but it is a good name for them. I am well aware that I am watching TCM without the label in the corner--so what purpose does it serve? I know that they use the bugs during movies at regular intervals but they don't just leave them up there the whole time like they did today.


The real reason that I asked was that I swear that they raised the bug up and more towards the middle of the screen for maximum visibility today. I never noticed it so much before today.

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"Believe it or not they are actually meant as a feature and not a -- well -- bug. They serve a dual purpose of preventing copying for resale, and making it easier to figure out what channel you're watching when you may have upwards of 500."



So do you think most viewers would opt for the "bug", if given a choice?


In my case, it doesn't serve much purpose to me as I don't copy TCM programming for resale and I always know what channel is on anyway. I believe that they employ bugs on the commercial network channels as well and it is hard to believe that people would be copying the news or sitcoms etc for resale.


When watching the NFL or the World Series on Fox the onscreen graphic overlays became so distracting/annoying to me that I have given up watching sports on that channel.


Surely there are additional benefits that we are overlooking?


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I don't care for logos at all. At least TCM's is one of the less annoying*. It wouldn't matter how many stations I have. I don't need to be reminded what station I currently have on. I feel insulted by them. I am intelligent enough to know what I'm tuned into.


*The worst logo offender is TNT. You can't sit through a show of any length without getting bombarded by these things. The most intrusive are the logos that take up about a fourth of the screen, telling you what is comming on next!


And any station which uses an animated logo should be taken out and shot! Do these stations honestly think my attentention span is so short that I need to constantly be reminded what channel I'm watching?


I'm glad TCM doesn't do anything like this!

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This is a good topic. I agree, TCM's "bug" is by far, hands down, the least annoying. I don't really find it intrusive. The commercial networks are way out of control with it, they constantly have to scroll what's coming up next, or in the future. CBS is an offender, I know , when I watch CSI. But what I really find offensive is the minimizing of the closing credits so they can tell us even MORE about the crap coming up in the future. Like that hasn't been done enough DURING the program. I'm not always interested in the closing credits, but I would like to at least have the CHOICE of reading them if I want to. It's hard to see why the commercial networks feel they can be arrogant with this when they have so much competition now.



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