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What is this baloney on TCM now?

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thank ya, mongo. Sometimes I feel just like Crazy Cousin Ed with my willy-nilly interest in film and music. My DVD shelves look like a blind monkey stocked it. I'm not exaggerating, here's the top shelf:


Foolish Wives (Von Stroheim), I Know Where I'm Going (Powell/Pressburger), Medea (Pasolini), Pick-Up On South Street (love that Richard Widmark) (Sam Fuller), Victor/Victoria (Blake Edwards), Talk to Her (Almodovar), Taste Of Cherry (Kiarostami), Fort Apache (John Ford), Cowards Bend the Knee (Guy Maddin)


you know, that kind of movie (and you should see my CD library!)

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I bought my DVR in January. Since then I've recorded and burned over 200 movies off of TCM -- so many that I can't possibly watch them all. I've burned foreign films, silents, precodes, and classics. I just can't see any evidence that TCM is straying from its mission, and I've been watching for 10 years now. They may have expanded the definition of what constitutes a classic film, but there's lots of good stuff on there; enough to please just about anyone.


Yeah, I felt burned by AMC too, but I haven't seen one shred of evidence that TCM is going down that path. The thing that bothers me about those who complain constantly about how TCM is changing is that they're so damned ungrateful. We have this magnificent channel that shows all kinds of classic films with no commercials, in original aspect ratio where possible, and that's constantly providing us with access to movies that are available nowhere else. Yet ever since I joined this board (coincidentally also in January) I have seen topic after topic of people complaining about how the channel is going to the dogs.


To quote the immortal Tom Lehrer, "If people don't have anything nice to say, the least they could do is to shut up."

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I am one who complains when TCM strays, and yes it is straying from classic movies, but I am not ungrateful. I do not watch tv. There is nothing but swill out there as someone else put it. TCM is the only tv that I watch, so it sickens me when they take away my classic movies to show talk shows, modern shorts, etc. I don't know how you can say we are ungrateful, we are just **** off.

Hell, the only reason I pay for cable is so I can see TCM, so you can be sure I am going to complain when I see my old movies replaced with some of this baloney.

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I have to pay quite a bit extra to my cable company in order to get TCM. Maybe most of you get the channel for free or don't have to pay for it personally, and if so, I can see why you would be grateful. But as a paying customer, I am as grateful to them as the gas station where I buy my gas, or the grocery store where I buy my food.


For those of you that profess to love foreign, avant-garde, shorts, modern movies with some hip music videos thrown in, what have you got against I.F.C.? Check out their website. They even have an anime series based on characters developed by Kurosawa. They also have a show called "Film School" and several other things that many of you seem to enjoy. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

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All me? No it is not all me. Many others feel the same way I do. TCM is the channel we turn to for the old classics, that is what the C stands for.


And you feel like TCM is no longer showing classic movies? Please explain, because I really don't get it.

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I hadn't planned to get on this thread again, but I have to agree with some of you, and agree with some of you, and agree with the last third of some of you.

I agree with the 'niche' idea, and I understand the 'turtles' pace changes being made.

Here's my take on niches:


HGTV - Home decorating

USA - Wrestling, comedy, drama, sci-fi

BRAVO - Reality shows

HIST - Historical events and developments of everything from candy to compete communities

SCI-FI - Science fiction

IFC - Foreign language films

CMT - All things country

MTV - all things rock

FOOD - All things related to food - cooking and eating

CNN - News

MSNBC - News

FOX - Republican news

ESPN - Sports

COM - Comedy central - Comedy, good and bad

TCM - Classic (old) movies


These are all free offerings on my dish network, as well as the cable setup in this area. When I want to stray from classic movies, I can choose from all of these, and there are more that are not to my taste. I also subscribe to two movie channels.


NortBanba: I'm sorry you have to pay extra for TCM, it seems rather discriminatory to me.


My point is, we all have either cable or dish appliances or we couldn't get TCM, therefore we have all those other choices, so wy does TCM feel they have to be educators, or 'trendy and hip'. True us oldsters are going to be gone one of these days, but if TCM wants to hold onto a fan base, all they have to do is leave the programming alone. These younger viewers will replace us soon enough, and the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's will be their oldies. Many times my grandkids have walked in while I was watching something, and they sat down to see it to the end, they eventually come around


I've agreed to watch a couple of shorts, and silents which are scheduled next week, and I'll try to see what everybody is going on about. In the meantime, I never said I didn't like silents, just certain one, but Silent Sunday had a great one on in 'Sunrise' and I liked it, but I also watched 'Casablanca' over the weekend for about the 125th time and enjoyed it again as always. But I also viewed 'The Graduate' and found it silly, and overdone, with a dumb plot and reactionary ideals.


my opinion, my view, my right to opine, my right not to judge, but to discuss.




Message was edited by:


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No of course I don't. It has gotten to the point where I rarely even watch TCM in the evenings when I am home because all the good stuff is on during the day or in the middle of the night and must be recorded in order to see. I have discussed this topic many times and don't feel like I need to explain to you why it upsets me that TCM takes away the prime time slots for the "new and improved" programming.

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pktrekgirl, sweetbabykmd, mrsl:


I agree with all of you.


It appears as though the powers that be at TCM may be ripping off I.F.C. for their recent innovative and provocative programming.


I don't know what Jon Parker's argument is about the 24/7 viewing? Are you saying that because no single person can watch TCM 24/7 that TCM is not responsible for showing quality programming throughout the day? What time-slot would you throw away? How about if they randomly shut down this website every so often for a few hours because nobody needs to be on here 24/7?

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From my standpoint the good stuff has always been on during the day or in the middle of the night. I want pre-codes, silents, noir, and crime stuff. I'm not at all fond of most musicals, romance films, or other stuff that falls outside my personal interest level.


But looking at this week's schedule, there are three movies being shown that were made after 1980, a couple from the 70s and several from the sixties. The bulk of the schedule is movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s.


That certainly sounds like classic movies to me.

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mrsl, the only 'free' teevee anymore are the stations viewable with an antenna and even then there is electric and wear and tear on the television set involved.


Cable in my area is $50. plus for 75 channels, 85% of which are crap.


I like the channels you show as niche, since some of them used to be my favorites and now are peers of AMC. Since media giants (read corporations) were allowed to gobble up movie studios and television stations, niche stations have slowly died and have been replaced by homogenized, commercialized, brain dead - crap.




BRAVO -- used to show better than average shows, usually imports. Then, it was bought by GE and now is in the gutter with AMC.

HIST -- see above (parent company is Disney).

CMT -- I don't even remember the original call letters, but this station actually had Grand Ole Opry shows and country music. Now it has.... you guessed it.

MTV -- had good ole music videos and... music! Then, waaaay back when (I'm sure some corporation bought it) it decided to get into the 'reality' market and the landscape of programming has never been the same.

FOOD -- one of my favorite deconstructions, because it has happened slowly and recently. Formerly (again, they were probably bought by a corporation) they showed ... food! All day, every day, chefs, nice little shows on food around the country and more chefs doing... cooking! Then, THEY decided to get into the 'reality' market and FN became ... bingo.

COM -- a shell of its former self.

AMC -- need I say more. Oh, only to say that the monopolistic behemoth that is behind my cable company, Cablevision, bought AMC and then AMC became XXXX.


Never mind the stations that are gone, the stations that played Burns and Allen and Molly Goldberg.


Nick At Nite and TV Land at one point played -- imagine this! -- old television shows. Now look at them.


So, TCM is the last holdout and is ever so slowwwwwwwwwly going the way of the wooly mammoth and the flightless dodo.


Take a look at that url above, mrsl, it'll curl your hair.


Yup, you are entitled to your opinions and those who continue to lord it over the rest of us and think they can shut us up are wasting their keystrokes. Pay no attention to them, sweetbabykmd.



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> All me? No it is not all me. Many others feel the same way I do. TCM is the channel we turn to for the old classics, that is what the C stands for.


old doesn't begin with a C. I'm not trying to be silly, here. I mean it. This is the 3rd time I've written it today. A classic is not a set definer. Every couple of months we rip each other apart over the word CLASSIC.


If classic is defined just with a calendar, we won't be satisfied. If we define it with objective concepts of quality, we won't be satisfied.

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My particular tastes are probably very similar to Jon Parker's. Noir, pre-codes etc. I am not a great fan of musicals (other than those of Busby Berkeley) and westerns but I would never complain that they were on the schedule because as long as they are from the classic era, TCM is the place to see them.


My problem is with those that feel that everything is classic in its own way be it a TV talk show, modern movies, anime etc and thus everything belongs on TCM. I am not saying that I don't enjoy watching some of these things occasionally, but there are many other venues available for this programming while TCM is the only place to see the classics from the golden era.


That new Rob Zombie promo came on last night and I had to run into the room to turn that damn thing down. They must have cranked up the sound at the source for that thing just like the commercial channels do with their commercials---No Class!

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Well I'm with you on Busby Berkely. The box set is amazing.


And I don't think everything is classic. Let's face it, a lot of the old programmers from the 30s aren't good at all. I think TCM is devoted to promoting film heritage, and I think they do a damned good job.


I've been trying to leave Rob Zombie out of this discussion, as it's been done to death.

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<< but I would never complain that they were on the schedule because as long as they are from the classic era, TCM is the place to see them. >>


<< TCM is the only place to see the classics from the golden era. >>


So you define classic in terms of time? And you mention Golden Era, so only American movies from major studios made from the late 1920's to towards the end of the 1940's are classics? I'm sure you don't mean it, I'm just playing devil's advocate, here. My point is classic is a slippery term and when we act surprised that an Oscar nominated film from the 70's pops up, or a strange 50's or 60's horror film that inspired an entire era of filmmakers pops up don't be surprised someone defends it as belonging, here.


and for the record, I love Miyazaki's films, but I was surprised and stumped as to why they're on TCM.

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