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My NYC trip to see Harry, Carrie and Garp

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This board looks so 'foreign' I don't even know if anyone who wanted to know how NYC went is still here to care. Just doesn't feel like 'home' here anymore. :( But since lots and lots of people PMed me and told me to post about it when I got back, I'm doing so.


I know it's been over a month - but I've been basking in the glory. *sigh* I have never in my life had a better time and never been anywhere I love more. I can not wait to go back!!! Saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and it was all the wonderful things anyone has ever said, plus more. :-)


Harry, Carrie and Garp was incredible! JK Rowling and John Irving were fantastic - JK read from Harry Potter #6 and she let out some 'secrets' about what happens to Harry Potter and friends in #7. And John Irving is one of the funniest human beings on this planet. He read from A Prayer for Owen Meany - the Christmas pageant scene and he was absolutely hysterical. I have always adored him - and now more than ever. But my biggest thrill - was - and likely will be all my life - seeing Stephen King in person. These eyes actually saw my hero. Steve read from 'The Body' which was made into the Rob Reiner movie, "Stand By Me". The actual reading was called "The Revenge of LardAss Hogan". It was very funny - and it was Steve!!! :-)


I so envy those of you who get to experience the culture in NYC full-time - I went to the MofMA and saw Impressionist Art - actual Monets and Gaugins. We ate at the 21 Club and saw the table where Bogie proposed to Bacall, and Cary Grant's table, etc. To all you NYers, this is nothing special - - to me this trip was a dream come true.


Thanks to all of you who wrote and gave me ideas of what to do - and all your wonderful wishes. A highlight was a cruise ship at night around Manhattan island. Thank you, my friends. :-)

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I have been waiting on pens and needles to hear about your trip. Any more that you can tell us about the Writers Panel. I am so jealous. And it was at Radio City Music Hall. Most NYers go, yeah, big deal but I love RCMH with all its deco splendor.


Hope my trip suggestions were useful!


I want to hear more!

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I'm new since you left, so you have no idea who I am, but it sure sounds like you had a wonderful time, good for you! I've read all of Steven King except the last two, I envy you that! But do you mind my asking who is Harry, Carrie and Garp?



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LARRY! Great to see you, I'm so glad you're still here, always one of my favorite people to "read" from. :-) Yes, I sure did live the high life - and it was so wonderful! Probably the only time in my life it will ever happen - but I can say I truly 'lived' that week. I've been many places in my life - and never really wanted to go to NYC. Too big, too dirty ...... Having been there, it is without a doubt, my favorite place on this planet. I'll save pennies the rest of my life to get back there. And, wanna hear something weird - that was my FIRST plane trip. God - I love flying. So incredible!


Hi MrsL, I've read some of your posts and you sound like someone I'm going to be pleased to know. "Harry, Carrie and Garp" was the name of the writer's event. The 3 authors read from their own works - "Harry" Potter read by JK Rowling, "Carrie" by 'Stephen King (although he didn't read from Carrie) and "Garp" (The World According to Garp) by John Irving (who also didn't actually read from Garp). They just though it would be a cool name for the event - and it was! It was the BEST time I ever had in my life! Hey, gal, whatsamatta with ya? You gotta go get those 2 books and read 'em. hehehe


TZ, Good to hear from you. Yes, your suggestions were extremely helpful (thank you) - and isn't Radio City spectacular?! I love it! Actually, Scholastic, who put the event on, put the WHOLE thing on the Internet for 2 days and my son copied it for me! SO - for anyone who wants it, I would be very pleased to send you the whole show!!! Total and complete! It is the most wonderful sovenier I could have - and even though I had to-die-for seats, you can see much more. But I'm still glad - way better than glad - that I saw this whole thing with my OWN eyes. The only sad thing was that they didn't sell ANY merchandise. So, I just bought books by the 3 authors from a bookshop in NYC. :-)


I forgot to tell you - gee, I think I did and I can't go back and check it now so if this is duplicate info, please forgive - the actors that introduced the writers. Whoppie Goldberg MCed the entire event; Tim Robbins (who I adore from The Shawshank Redemption) introduced Stephen King; Stanley Tucci (who I'm sorry but I don't know from mud. I know he's in The Devil Wears Prada) introduced John Irving; and Kathy Bates introduced JK Rowling. We were there the second night - and I know we were there the best night (Thanks God) because that is the night they choose to put on the internet, plus I've heard questions from the first night - and some of them were so stupid! After the readings, the 3 authors took questions. It was great! Before anyone writes me to send them the file of it - make sure you want to hear 'spoilers' about Harry Potter, right from the mouth of JK - cuz she gave us a lot of those! For instance - Dumbledore *(&^%&* hehe (I won't tell you unless you ask)


Jack, nice to see you are still here, too. Thanks for the welcome back. I feel much more 'at home' today than I did last night. :-) I guess I just gotta watch for the 'old timers' - nice to know most of them are still here.


Sandy K - if you love John Irving as much as I do - I just about died when I heard he and SK were going to be somewhere together and I was NOT going to be there - Thank God for my kids who didn't want me to die and bought me the trip!! - anyway, you have just got to send me your email addy so I can send you this file. He was freakin' hysterically funny! You'll love it! Funny you'd say that about Irving reminding you of Dickens, since Dickens is JI's favorite author. :-)


Love you all - and it's so nice to be back at TCM 'home'.

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What a great trip. Jeez...I would like to meet Stephen King. I mean, the guy picked my hometown for "The Stand". And he was accurate as to The Stand's geographical details. And he is the master of foreshadowing. And he really knows how to write a slam-bang ending. I love that guy (Mr. King).


I don't know much about the other two authors. Oh, I liked "Garp", but thought "The Hotel New Hampshire" was silly. Have not read any of the rest of his novels. J.K. Rowling? Rags to riches...right?


scarlett...good to hear from you.



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"Oh, I liked 'Garp', but thought 'The Hotel New Hampshire' was silly."


I vote for giving Mr. Irving another chance. Hotel New Hampshire wasn't his best, and the movie based on it was inconsequential. But A Prayer for Owen Meaney is a masterwork (even though the movie based on it was inconsequential). Cider House Rules is also good, and as I recall, that movie actually worked!

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Scarlett, I'm so glad you had such a great trip! I'm a New Yorker, and I love to hear when someone from out of town enjoys a trip here. I really can't imagine anyone coming to New York and being let down by it. Aside from the noise, dirt, crowds, etc., it's still the greatest place on earth, with anything and everything happening at once. I didn't even hear about this event at Radio City, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Radio City IS an amazing place, and even though I've been there dozens of times, I'm still in awe of it.


Did you happen to see any movies when you visited MOMA? They show many classics in their two wonderful theaters. And I hope you saw Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on the 5th floor, probably the most famous painting in the museum's collection, that and Monet's Waterlilies.


And I'm glad you ate at '21'! One of the most famous restaurants in the city.


Hope you're able to visit again some time.

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Glad you had the time of your life Scarlett! Living in NY(the Bronx to be exact) all my life I've never experienced going to the places you went to so I'm envious of your trip. haha I hardly ever go to Manhattan but just from walking in the streets I feel the greatness of my city.

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