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[u]TCM[/u]: Thanks! ~ [b]TheShortsCircuit[/b] was [i]fan[/i]tastic!!!!

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[nobr]The Shorts Circuit was a real treat.[/nobr]


A nicely compiled chronological presentation of a partial history of short films from the silent era to the modern day. Amazing what you managed to squeeze into 24hours!!!!


Particularly, what a marvelous opportunity for me to finally see the early shorts of great directors!


Unfortunately, I missed the Negulesco, Tourneur, Zinneman and Siegel shorts, and La Jet?e, but have see them all before and look forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon in upcoming schedules?


I am especially grateful to tcmprogrammr and mgmwbrko, and TCM in general, for Friday's evening scheduling of rare shorts. In so doing, TCM has stayed ever-consistent in raising the standard for broadcasting eclectic and artistic cinema along with classic film.


The David Lynch works were so intriguing; what an artist of insightful yet disturbing imagery is he. Just love viewing his work.


It would have been lovely to have had Lynch's other shorts scheduled: Six Men Getting Sick, The Amputee, The Cowboy And The Frenchman, and Lumiere. But I'll gladly take whatever I can get, and with many thanks.


Perhaps, though, the others could be screened during a Shorts Circuit II?


Along with the Lynch films, my favourites were:

It's Not Just You, Murray!

The Big Shave (incredibly dark and [dare I say] razor sharp in its analogy)

Day Of The Fight

Passionless Moments

Les Mistons

L'Amour ? Vingt Ans

And all of the Polanski shorts, natch.


The Herm?s shorts were alternatingly amusing and intriguing.


Of them, my highest regard went to There's No Place Like Home and In The Eye Abides The Heart. Your Product Here and BaadAsssss Grandkids! were cute and good for a few laughs. Postmortem Bliss, though I understood its intent and recognised its filmakers' style, it was nevertheless my least favourite of the selections.


The prizewinner of the Herm?s collection was Mary Sweeney's Din Of Celestial Birds - breathtakingly brilliant. What a directorial debut! I must see her The Straight Story, now for certain.


So, again . . . thanks eversomuch TCM for yet another of your installments of rare and wonderful, non-mainstream cinema.




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I totally forgot about the shorts on 9/15 even though I had it circled in my TCM "now playing" book. I could kick myself for forgetting about them especially since it's doubtful

that TCM will ever show a repeat of these wondereful shorts.

I was wondering if anyone who had taped them would be willing to make a copy for me.

I was particularly interested in the George Stevens shorts and George Marshal shorts from

the early 1930's. If anyone out there could make a copy of these shorts for me I will pay

you whatever you feel is fair for your time, effort, trouble, cost and shipping.

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Apparently, one can viddy The Big Shave at this YouTube site, though it is down for additions as I post this:


For ownership, you could get it here:



As for Din Of Celestial Birds, one can viddy it here:



Not sure that it's available for ownership as of yet.



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