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The Robert Osborne drinking game


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Here's how we play it in my neighborhood.


Every time Mr. Osborne mentions the words "Oscar" or "Academy Award," you have to take a drink. Every time he makes a condescending remark about Universal or Columbia (they're allegedly "less prestigious" than MGM), you have to take a drink.


If we start watching at 8 p.m. eastern, we're usually sloshed by the start of the third film (around midnight).

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So, what are your rules when Robert Osborne shrugs his shoulders, raises his hands (a sign of bemused resignation) and Mr. Osborne says something like, "...that's Hollywood", "...that's show business", "...that's the story", etcetera.


I'll tell you what I do...I put down my scotch and see what's available in my stash.


Oh, I'm not serious about "my stash". These days, I get high from the fumes off my digital video recorder...



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[nobr]//The Robert Osborne drinking game//[/nobr]


I like it.


TCM should box it and market it like Scene It.


Alternative cues from Mr. O might include when he:

*lightly grabs at his pinky

*says "commercial success"

*says "when watching this film"

*says "TCM website"

*is holding the TCM mug





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Let's not forget when he holds up and advertises DVDs for Warner Home Video. Surely, that deserves a draining of the glass.>>


We raise our glasses and make a toast to those guys at Warner Home Video, the top of the pyramid in Home Entertainment.


Here's to George Feltenstein and his remarkable crew!



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Drink when Robert uses a florid adjective such as "wonderful," "fabulous," "fascinating," or "compelling."


Two drinks when Robert says, "It doesn't get any better than that," "You can't do better than that," or some variation.


Drink whole glass when Robert cleverly incorporates the title of the film in his description of the plot (e.g., "And then Rhett Butler was 'Gone With the Wind,' ...") or of the star (e.g., "Barbara Stanwyck was a true 'Ball of Fire' ...").

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