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Another search question for Old Movie (Classic) Experts

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I think I actually watched this movie on TBS when I was in Jr or Sr High schoo, so about 25 years ago. Back then, TBS played a ton of classic/old films, some well-known and some pretty obscure ones too.


I can only remember the general premise. I cannot remember the actors or the title. I thought it was something like "Bringing up Baby" but that's not it.


A young female actress (sort of like Sandra Dee-ish), I think blonde, was the main character. I think the movie was made in the late 40's or 50's but maybe as late as early 60's -- so that covers a pretty big era. I believe it was in color but I can't remember.


A young woman, living on her own in a basement apartment, finds an infant left on her doorstep -- a baby girl -- with a note pleading her to take care of the baby. She tries to take it to authorities but nobody believes her story -- they think the baby is hers. Anyway, she's sort of stuck with this baby and starts taking care of it while trying to juggle her new career (I think she works in a department store). She meets a young man, who tries to court her but who she tries to avoid because of the baby prediciment. I can't remember details other than over the course of the year, she falls in love with the baby girl and thinks of it as her own. I think the movie is ends with the typical happy ending where they fall in love, get married and start their lives as a new family. I also remember it beginning and ending in winter around Christmas movie, so it sort of has a Christmas theme (sort of). I remember weird things like how adorable the baby is dressed and how she always has help taking care of the baby, etc. One other thing -- it may have been a musical, but I cannot be sure of that.


Anyway, I checked Sandra Dee's bio and she wasn't the actress in this film. It seems that the title has something to do with the word Baby in it. I wish I could remember more details.


This is one of those obscure films that will drive me crazy until I can remember what it was. I actually liked it years ago and would like to see it again, if possible.


Anyway, if any of you Classic movie gurus have any idea what this movie is, I would really appreciate the help!

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Hehe -- it's funny how, after all these years, I actually remember some details correctly and how many details I messed up.

Like it's a boy and not a girl.

But I guess I got the Christmas thing right.

And the department store thing was close, even though I remembered it sort of backwards.

But I'm sure it was the "Bundle of Joy" version I saw and not the original. That being said, I'd love to see the original some time.


Thanks again for your help.

I'll have to tell Mom about this board -- she loves old classic films and especially musicals.

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