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Garbo Glamour and Lamarr Allure

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HEY, CB! Long time no hear, and I DON'T wonder why. I came back a little too soon, myself. But, actually I don't think it would have mattered when I came back. Things have changed, as they ALWAYS do! There are so many people gone and the "feeling" of the boards is just a little different. Anyway, WELCOME BACK. I am sorry I still can't stay up late and chat. But, its ok, this is a great way to communicate. But, if you want more Maureen, you will have to go over to Hail to O'Hara! Ha! Later.

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Just wanted to say "Thank you for the welcome,it is most appreciated".Welcome back to you as well.We all missed you,as you know.


More than I can say about me.....Not even one person noticed I was gone,Ha!


Oh! Thank you for the Maureen pics on 'my' thread!


Peace to all.........

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Now, that is not TRUE! Ken said he noticed you were back, and that means he knew you were gone! Silly!


And, you know it is hard to know who left if it wasn't announced or discussed. All I know is that there are PLENTY of people missing, and I wish they would return now. I THINK all is well.

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Well, I finally got through this thread just now. Wonderful pictures; Garbo was quite a Swedish delight even before the Hollywood Dreamfactory glamourized her.

There's a picture though about 3 pages back with her sitting down in a very volumptuous dress that made me hoot!

Who the hell designed that enormous mess? Adrian??

And, I want to ask Lynn, Dolores, Ann, Carol and Scarlett - - how'd you like to be wearing that concoction and be running for the bus?????



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Oh, Larry! What a HOOT you are! Ha! That was from Romance, her second talkie. And, yes, Adrian designed it! That's the one where she plays the Italian movie star with and Italian/Swedish accent. It is my FAVORITE Garbo film, a melodramatic pull at the heart strings. If you haven't seen it, you must! She got her second Oscar nomination (her first was Anna Christie). I think it was a double nomination for both, then came Camille and Ninotchka, cause the books always say she was nominated three times, but actually it was four. And, she never won @%#&*#@!!!!!

But, she was in Grand Hotel, and that won best picture, so her place in Academy history is secure.

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LD along with Ken used to be practically the only ones on late night.


It's too bad he disappeared,he seemed like a nice person with a lot of contributive knowledge of the silver screen.


Maybe he'll come back just like we did,at the spur of the moment.Maybe he hasn't yet found his 'moment'.

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> Over in General Discussions, Shearerchic chose the 4

> prettiest faces in movies: Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamarr,

> Gene Tierney, and Elizabeth Taylor. They are below,

> and I couldn't agree more!


At this point I should say something about needing glasses, but I wear bifocals.

Only kidding about anyone else needing Specs.

I will add Maureen o' Hara, Ann Sheridan, Marsha Hunt, Joan Collins, Joan Bennett, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Lonette Mc Kee, and Linda Darnell.

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