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Robert Mitchum - um - um - um.

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I am so distressed by all this turmoil. I feel responsible in a way because I left and took a hiatus rather than confronting him. I did PM him several times and told him how I felt. That, too, probably incited him. Now, I can't post without him following me around, so I guess the best thing for me to do is go, and maybe that will bring peace back to this forum. TCM has not removed any of his posts from my thread. I feel that they think I am some sort of catalyst. I just wanted to bring some pictures of Garbo, along with others I had of Lamarr, onto this forum, but that thread is, again, ruined. And, now this Bob Mitchum thread is ruined. I am sure he reads all of our posts and is thrilled to death he has brought dissension to this forum. My apologies to all.

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Don't be distressed and don't leave that will be the worst thing you could do. Just do a little profiling and know that he creates different personalities to respond to himself with when no one else will.. So Never respond to him at all, that is the main thing for everyone to realize. A clue is that he always has two screen names one attacking you and one responding to himself.

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My friends (and you are),

Please, please

Do you guys realize that by leaving you are letting this nut job do exactly what he wants. I am so distressed, not by him but at the idea that the people I have grown to care about, look for at night to see how they are, we are a small group which cares about each other and if we let this bully break us up he wins. What would we do if this was our children. We would stick together and try to solve the problem. Luckily we have an advantage. We can simply pass right over his entry and continue our discussion. Treat him as you would a pile of crap on the sidewalk. Just walk around it. I know when being attacked personally it is hard. Just realize there are many of US and only one of this idiot.

Hang in guys, we are a family. I am going to follow my own advice...don't talk to strangers!!


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FredCDobbs, your attitude is the exact same attitude I had to put up with in high school. While I wouldn't have called myself a "punk" (I was more alternative/indie, dressed like a skater--some of you may know what I mean), I was still treated with disdain and mockery because of the music I listened to and the way I chose to express myself. And yet, I wasn't one of the kids out back doing drugs, or trashing the classrooms or bringing discontent to the school. I was more well behaved than the "normal" kids who were the real troublemakers.


Do you really think that everyone who listens to Muse or watch anime/cult films are all troublemakers? Really? You might be surprised, but the Goth/punk kids I knew were some of the smartest, nicest people I've ever met. Yes, some of them were troublemakers, but the majority were great people. Do you really think that fans of those films would go through all this trouble to create havoc on these boards? I highly doubt it.


oobleckboy, JonParker and lzcutter, your posts were right on the money. I'm with everyone that I want to see this person blocked. That person has way too much time on their hands and it has nothing to do with a tattooed lady! The odd thing is that what's happening here is very equal to what was happening over on LJ awhile ago--with the multiple accounts and harrassments. And it turned out the person was using some kind of IP anonymizer?so they were practically untraceable. Yay for modern technology.


And I would hate to see this board moderated. I like the idea that you can come and start a thread and not have it locked five seconds later because the mod doesn't think it's appropriate. Or that you can debate someone and not get a warning. stoneyburke, I'd hate to see this place turned into TWoP too, because that place is horrible--Gestapo is the perfect word for them. I hate the way they treat people over there.


Also, my apologize to the Bob Mitchum thread. Poor guy. This harrassment seems like it would fit perfectly into Cape Fear.

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There seems to be a lot of discontent on this board, however I have seen some interesting and exciting threads, the subject of this being one of them. He was an amazing actor and much too underrated. I always felt his walk was nearly as distinctive as John Waynes.


As Tim would say, Make it work!.

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?Do you really think that everyone who listens to Muse or watch anime/cult films are all troublemakers??


No, not at all. I?m just saying that with a lot of punkish modern non-classic crappy films being shown by TCM now, a certain percentage of new posters will be rude and vulgar trolls who will insult traditional classic movie fans.


Lol, I was a hippie back in the late ?60s, but I was a polite hippie. I didn?t go around telling ?straight? people that they shouldn?t listen to Lawrence Welk or that they should listen to the Grateful Dead. Some people were rude to me because of my long hair and beard, but I just smiled and said ?have nice day.?


Ever since TCM has been showing modern non-classic films, starting with the anime series, we?ve been getting a lot of rude people on this board and I suspect that trend will continue. Remember that teenage hoodlum who called himself OLDPEOPLESUCK? He came over here from some teenage anime board and started chewing all of us out for liking classic films and not caring much for anime.


Now we?ve got a group of rude punkers and hoodlums on the board now that TCM is showing all this modern junk-film stuff.


Just wait until the Rob Zombie crowd shows up.


Have a nice day.



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Please do not leave. That will only deprieve you of a forum that you obviously love. You have lots of information to share and were you to leave, this forum would be the sadder for it.


Besides, leaving only gives he who must not be named the victory and that should be avoided at all costs.


Oobleckboy and everyone else,


I have started a thread in the Technical Forum for suggestions on how to keep trolls from creating havoc here and running legitimate posters off.


All are welcome to respond to that thread in that forum and, let's get back to discussing Bob!

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First about Mitchum...what a man. What a manly manly man. Mitch is in the top five fantasy men in my mind...and I loved the Cavett interview. Without getting into whether he was just punching a time clock or a great actor of the ages - his performances in Night of the Hunter and Cape Fear are way up there in the best of all time. I've mentioned it on another board a while back but he always reminded me of a black panther crouching on it's haunches...ready to pounce.


On to the other...


Fred honey, I love your posts like my husband loves my chicken soup, which is saying a whole lot. I make friggin great chicken soup. And while anime may not be your cup of tea, nor Rob Zombie, nor some of the more modern films TCM is showing - I really do think there is room for all. I remember the brouhaha that was going on when TCM showed the Bollywood films and we all lived thru that. I was greatful to TCM for showing them, I felt it expanded my knowledge of films from that part of the world, and now I regularly rent them. Are they all classics? Oh hell no, a lot of them are fluff but are fun as all get out. Devdas has got to be one of the most spectacular of the Bollywood genre...beautiful, top notch, great acting and a great story.


I would say that no matter what board you are posting at, idiots are always going to be attracted to it, it really has nothing to do with anime or Rob or how kids are dressing now. And you know what? Let 'em. All they do is expose themselves for the morons that they are. Honestly, the hardcore Rob fans are elsewhere. There may actually be a chance that a couple of Rob fans that tune into TCM may get turned onto other films and expand their mind a bit. It's possible that I'm too optimistic, but only time will tell.


There's just as much good anime out there as there is bad. I adore the Miyazaki films as does my child. I can still throw Metorporisu (Metropolis, not a Miyazaki flick) in the dvd player and be mesmerized every viewing. That's no different than watching The Red Shoes and falling in love with Moira Shearer's dancing over and over again.


We all have our loves and can't-stands - it's what makes us all individuals. While Rob doesn't bother me that much, I understand why he disturbs others. What you can't let bother you is some pipsqueak small minded bottomfeeder troll to bother you. Because then you are letting him/her/it win. I know it's hard, but just ignore the nitwits. Classic film has given us lots to discuss, and I know I ain't letting a couple of bad apples stop me.


Of course, most of this is general to everybody Fred, I'm not just responding to you. You ole hippie you...my husband and you would have a good time together, you can both set up the turntable in our basement and listen to Doors bootlegs!

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You know Mongo, I'd expand more on the logic of my Mitchum fantasy, but this is a family board...needless to say, I'm not married in it.


That is a great pic of Mitch oobleckboy!


Makes me want to dig out my tape of the Mitch and Russell inteview, it's around this house somewhere.

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In the interview Mitchum mentioned Benny Rubin, a great Jewish comedian of the past. I remember from a short called " Little Scissors" ( ? ) a spoof of " Little Caesar ". In the short Rubin playing a gangster who throws little scissors at his enemies. I have seen it in forty years, but I know that it was funny.

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Oobleck, your picture of Mitchum is priceless, as is the caption. Thank you.


Thinking about Mitchum, I'm quite fond of the atypical parts that he played:

Of course, one remembers Ryan's Daughter, in which I think he gave one of his most subtle performances. I realize that many critics think he was miscast, but I still find him, Leo McKern and the Irish countryside to be the saving graces of that lumbering film.


Another different part for him was as the lawyer having a mid-life crisis in Two for the Seesaw, where he was subdued but really interesting--at least to me.


The Red Pony gave him a physical role, but one that brought out his gentler side again.


And naturally, there is his n'er do well in The Sundowners, one of those movies in which he thawed out Deborah Kerr once again, making her a much better actress in the process. He was terrific and utterly believable in that film.


Am I forgetting any good atypical roles?

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[nobr]I'm a big fan of Mr. Mitchum's work.[/nobr]


All of it.

Scrooged inclusive.


I miss him.


And . . . was attuned to his, albeit 'twas-a-work-in-progress, mindset.

He was a good lad to imbibe with; really got on with.


Some of this thread he would have been pleasingly amused by.

The rest . . . disgusted.


This thread was intiated (small wonder), and continued subsequently, lamely.


As for folks deciding to leave or stay or whatever . . . . . . .


Those who have their **** together: maintain comrades and weather.


Those who do not: bye bye . . . and don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Darwinism is a cool cool thing (all definitions of 'cool' applicable, here).


One reaps what one sows.





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mrsl left for our sake, and I appreciate that. That idiot troll followed her on every thread where she posted, and she left so we could continue to enjoy the board. IMO that means having your '**** together'. Since you are still around, you obviously don't know the meaning of Darwinism. Mrsl does and proved it by leaving, so you can put your Darwinism where the sun don't shine. I miss her and hope she comes back after a break to get her '**** together' (pardon me, mrsl).


And you are still a pompous ****, SamTherapy.


And yes, we do reap what we sow, so I pity you, SamTherapy.



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I like that too. There was a time when it turned up on the late show where I live. I discovered this one and OUT OF THE PAST at about the same time. In addition to a few other good movies. I miss the old days. In the off hours, there was always a movie on. It had commercials. But we didn't mind. We'd never known anything else. Now it's all paid programming.

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> I like that too. There was a time when it turned up

> on the late show where I live. I discovered this one

> and OUT OF THE PAST at about the same time. In

> addition to a few other good movies. I miss the old

> days. In the off hours, there was always a movie on.

> It had commercials. But we didn't mind. We'd never

> known anything else. Now it's all paid programming.


Channel 7 here in Chicago at one time showed RKO films after Midnight. The perfect time for films such as " The Big Steal ", "Out of the Past", and another great noir that they showed after 12AM was " Murder, My Sweet ". But that was sometime ago.

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The Yakuza, not a well recognized movie of his, but it was enjoyable as Mitchum as the ex WWII vet going back to Japan 25 years later to investigate the Yakuza and the cultural differences that frustrate his work, plus plenty of great and gritty action.

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I'm glad you asked. I love to talk about this. MURDER, MY SWEET was based on Raymond Chandler's sizzling novel, FAREWELL, MY LOVELY. I love Chandler and there's not a better mystery on the stands. In the 1970's, Mitchum appeared in two Chandler adaptations. This one and THE BIG SLEEP. Both are credible films, but not as good as their predecessors. In fact, "Farewell" was filmed before the Dick Powell version. As part of the low budget "Falcon" series. I forget what they called it. But the story is unmistakable.


Red River

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The Falcon adaptation of 'Farewell My Lovely' was entitled 'The Falcon Takes Over' (1942), with George Sanders's Falcon standing in for Marlowe. It's a pretty good (albeit short at 65 mins) adaptation, with lots of atmosphere, and the film follows the novel pretty closely. Dick Richards directed the Mitchum version in 1975 - it's beautifully shot in noirish color and Bob makes for a compelling, thick-set and world-weary Marlowe. As one might expect, Michael Winner's 'The Big Sleep', is far less successul, not least because of its unconvincing updating to contemporary London and Mitchum's tendency to sleep walk through the role. Besides, Winner has always been a hack and always will be IMHO.

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Will TCM show " Pursued ",or " Blood on the Moon " soon. Both are noirish Westerns, Pursued by Raoul Walsh, and Blood by Robert Wise with Robert Mitchum in fine form. I also wish that TCM would air " The Furies ", another noirish Western starring Walter Huston and Barbara Stanwyck as an " odd " father - daughter. It was directed by Anthony Mann.


Michum's "Farewell, My Lovely ", was a nice remake of " Murder, My Sweet ". " The Big Sleep " remake was a bore and a hack work, in the worst way.

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