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Why So Much Skin


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In today's films not much is left to the imagination, but why so much nudity and sexually orientated material, especially in alleged Romantic Comedies.


Virtually none of today's leading ladies have 9 to me 0 the sex appeal of those of yesteryear. This "rant ' comes from someone that watches Gina Gershon films with regularity, so you know that i am no prude, or a watcher of quality films only.

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What bugs me is that today in general, the actors/actresses/bit players etc just cannot act "natural". It always strikes me when I see movies from the 20's - 30's - 40's that everyone from the big stars to the extras would look and act so natural. Why is it that today's actors/actresses look so contrived and perfectly made up all the time? They also just cannot act. Even little child actors can't look natural.


This to me, is one of the big reasons that Hollywood is failing at box offices. It's not only that they can't get it through their heads that people really want to see heroes and good triumphing over evil in movies, they also can't get past the idea that it's all about showing skin or else blowing up things and car chases.


In short......Hollywood has gotten very stupid. Thank God we have TCM ! The classic movies are worth 1000 times what the drivel of current days movies are worth. Imagine how much less it cost to make the classic movies and how much less the stars were paid.

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