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Get ready - a new [i]OneReelWonders[/i] leader!

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Rather nicely done; I like it

Prefer the old one, though, but Change will out.


Perhaps the new one will be alternated with the previous and the OneFromTheVaults one, much in the way it was done with just the two.


Maybe there's a new OneFromTheVaults leader coming too?

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Sam, I loved the post cards and voice-over work for this new introduction. I'd grown quite tired of that song leading into One Reel Wonders over time. Now, if they'd just jettison the intro to that Star of the Month spot, and add more What a Character spots to the lineup, I'd be quite a happy camper with the interstitial bumpers.

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Know what you mean about the TCM tunes getting old on one's ear, at times.

For awhile, I was very tired of the 'Roll Film' tune, but have now begun enjoying it again, in spite of my self.


And, actually, I just noticed that there appears to be more than just the one postcard-carousel leader. The others are still of the same motif, but with variation, so that's rather nifty that they thought to do variations of the theme.



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As footnote I'd like to add that the last short to have played the One Reel Wonder theme was...


Ruth Etting in One Good Turn (1930). 9/25/06, 5:41am EST


After looking at the Spinning post cards is there more than one version of the leader? I think there might be.




Yes, after comparing the two I've seen they are different. One has a shot of the Little Rascals and the other plays up the Dog Shorts.


Message was edited by:


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R.I.P. ? O.R.W. ?Crooner?


Come one, come all?..


It?s great that there?s now a message board forum listing the upcoming short subjects airing between features on TCM.* (Why there isn?t such a link on the actual website schedule is subject matter for another day.) It?s too bad there couldn?t have been similar advanced notice on the removal of the old One Reel Wonder intro. I was shocked ? shocked! ? after reviewing the recordings from overnight. Especially as I had just erased the old version intro from storage to make space for these new recordings (maybe I still have it saved somewhere ? I hope). Perhaps there are some who are grateful for a change, fine. I?m not opposed to something new, so long as it is positive! This was like being kicked in the stomach ? it took the wind right out of me, although I guess I?ll survive.


Here?s the real reason this change is more painful than some of the other intro/outro displays for features: the features are SCHEDULED, you know when they are playing; that cannot be said for the short subjects. The Crooner intro was at the very least a call to warning announcing that something special (i.e. UNSCHEDULED) was about to appear. The song, with it?s old-timey warbling, stood out in nature from other advertisements or previews and one could easily distinguish that difference when in listening range, allowing ample time to hit that record button! Now, with these postcard intros (which are fine, I suppose, visually speaking) there is no great distinction between other programming ads so the moment gets lost. It is doubtful that TCM will suddenly remove these new intros from release but let?s hope that perhaps they will reconsider some type of opening ?fanfare? that will signal the viewer in a better way.


Of course, some of this anguish may be dispelled by the appearance of the aforementioned shorts schedule thread, but that is no definitive remedy. The information is not part of the official TCM website schedule, but merely kindly supplied by a member with inside knowledge. While this gesture is greatly appreciated (oh, words cannot adequately relate the joy!), what guarantee is there that it will continue. Plus, as an unofficial outlet, it?s veracity remains highly subject to change ? for instance the airing of an unlisted ?Taxi Boys? short the other night, an item that would have elated some viewers who had just made a special request for same in these forums.


I?m not just railing against change ? I?m protesting the often lack of thought that goes behind it.



* Forum Home Page > Genre Forums > Shorts --> "Upcoming Shorts on TCM"

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I'll miss it too, but things seem to change very quickly at TCM and without much reason so far as I can see. It was a nice "old fashioned" intro, and I also perked up or walked over to the T.V. (if I was doing other things) when I heard it, since I knew I was going to be in for something special, or at least unique, as some of you also mentioned.


In retrospect I don't mind the change so much, since I know it's inevitable, so it doesn't really shock me anymore when the station changes things. My only request is that they don't change the morning "Look for the Silver Lining" intro with the animated Hopper paintings. That one is so unique and well done, they'd be foolish to take it off. And I'm also pretty attached to the evening "Feature Presentation" fanfare as well, since it feels to me like I'm out at the movies. It's like that moment when the lights go down, and everyone stops talking. And it's also a great lead-in to the monologue of our fearless leader, Robert Osborne.

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Ever since TCM got rid of the the "poster" background for the next three films they were showing and replaced it with the building I could tell they were going from the long established "classic" theme to a newer, hip, new century TCM.


Gone are the green and blue Turner Logo intro's. Not that I miss those at all. I hated that music. But the new intro's are city themed as well.


And what about the noisy TCM underground promo? Can't imagine that's delighted some viewers turning TCM on at one in the morning!


The times (themes) they are changin! As long as the movies stay the great classics we've come to love.




PS: I should also like to point out that the theme that introduces Robert Osborne in the evenings has been much shorter for some time now. It used to be several seconds longer.

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Continuing the discussion of TCM and the programming of "One Reel Wonders", why not rally the membership in addressing an idea long overdue regarding the creation of a full hour program devoted to the various short subjects. Consider this TCM Treasure Chest (call it what you will) as an actual spin-off showcase to the delightful feature ?Added Attractions? aired recently to kick-off the all-day shorts schedule.


Surely this concept has been broached before. It continues to amaze the longterm viewers that TCM fails to recognize the power and potential for all the various short subjects. This material should not be relegated to late-night filler but rather given prime weekend feature blocks. Yes, they did devise the Cartoon Alley spot, but then limited it to only a half-hour episode, of which there are far too few created and in rotation. A one hour program gives the channel an opportunity to make a much better thematic presentation, be it cartoons, comic novelties, classic comedians, or any of the other travelogue, behind-the-scenes Hollywood, miscellaneous material. While most might prefer a set presentation of one theme or artist type, the variety format could also be employed.


Such material would definitely be a programming asset in trying to lure new viewership as it could most certainly be marketed to target demographic groups which likely are not current TCM regulars. So, it would draw the hard to attract younger audiences and also create a special family viewing niche, plus satisfy all the classic film fans wanting to expand their viewing achievements by experiencing all those forgotten ?heard about, but never saw? items. Those existing Festival of Shorts programs are just not packaged or presented in such a way to offer either an insightful view or comprehensive scope of the matter.


I truly do believe that TCM is underestimating both the viewer interest and commercial attributes here, especially as the channel has such a wonderful outlook on showing all their films in the original unedited format, without any advertising breaks. Again, this is another strong ?selling point? to attract all viewers as in addition to its historical import it also allows for more actual programming to fit into an hour timeslot. It remains a mystery why while TCM does such an outstanding job presenting all kinds of new and different feature programming (remastered silents, foreign films, anime, etc) ? always respectfully well done, yet perhaps all the more puzzling ? that the short subjects material is seemingly ignored.

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//My only request is that they don't change the morning "Look for the Silver Lining" intro with the animated Hopper paintings. That one is so unique and well done . . .//



It is an exquisite work.




//And what about the noisy TCM underground promo?//

You know what, yance?

I've seen aired, now and again, that exact same promo (same montage) but with a different track.


The alternate version plays a creepy, Hallowe'eney, but quieter, instrumental piece, and it is far more effective and worthwhile in my estimation.


Look for it! :D


PS: Can't wait to check out Baldpate!



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Yancey wrote: And what about the noisy TCM underground promo? Can't imagine that's delighted some viewers turning TCM on at one in the morning!


! Is it my imagination or is that underground promo louder than others?!! I ask that rhetorically... the first time I caught it I was caught quite off-guard in the wee hours and had to jump for the remote to turn it down hoping I didn't wake the house. That's the first time I've had to do that while watching TCM.

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