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Her father was in show business and that exposed her to travels all around the world. She made her stage debut at 18 and was a hit. She was a star on Broadway by age 22. She acted in some films,but retired when she married a rich and famous man. She returned to the screen and made some very well known, much loved classic films. She was 75 when she retired for good. Who was she?

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Thanks, Lavender.


I entered films directly out of high school and was popular with kids for my roles in a serial. I went on to play mostly secondary roles in Paramount features, and signed with MGM in the early '40s, where I was a minor leading lady. I was seriously injured in an auto accident in the late '40s, and later spent a lot of time in mental hospitals.


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OK--Here goes!


I was born in England.

I've been successful in movies, radio, TV and Broadway.

But most people remember me from TV, where I won 2 Emmy Awards.

I dated Marilyn Monroe, but I wouldn't be thought of as a "lady's man".

I'm an actor who has successfully done it all, including voice-overs, but I'm best known for my comedic talents.


Who Am I?


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Fun finding Alan, thx Cujas.


I was tap dancing practically before I could walk. Universal Studios nabbed me at age 5 but eventually I was under contract to MGM. I played little sister, young lady, etc., and co-starred with MGM novas.


Later, I happily found my niche on television. I was so wholesome that fans wrote me asking for teenage troubles advice. While not a goodygoody in real life, I'm happy to have portrayed such a nice girl.


Who am I?

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I was born in LA, and studied engineering in college, where I was also active in dramatics. Tall, blonde, and handsome, I appeared in several Italian films before my Hollywood debut in a well-known "60s comedy. I have since starred in many international productions, but by the '80s I was seen mostly in low-budget action pictures.

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Thanks, Finance:




I grew up in Baltimore and studied drama at Bryn Mawr. Later, I joined the Cape cod university players where I met two players who later became first class actors. On Broadway, I became friends with someone who became a major film director. Although a Christian Scientist, my first role on film was as a Cockney prostitute..I worked both Broadway and Hollywood, and in the fifties, had a role in a Hitchcock movie which saw the debut of a major film actress who won an Oscar many years later. In another movie, I was involved in one of the unforgettable dialogue gags in film..

I later worked in television and, together with one of the early actress of the movies, had a role similar to one Jessica fletcher had... Who Am I ??

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