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Do You Know Me?

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You are:


Edgar Kennedy.


You were in the Doris Day film, "My Dream is Yours" (1949), released after your death in 1948.


Your "distinctive facial feature" was your bald head... not that there aren't many men out there with the same feature. You were in literally HUNDREDS of silent films. Your feature film debut was in "They Had to See Paris" (1929).




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It's not Eddie Cantor, Metz...I think it's the other Eddie---the rubbery-faced Eddie Quillan. He used to work with Mack Sennett and was in "Move Over Darling " with Doris Day. He was also in "The Grapes of Wrath", "Young Mr. Lincoln", and the 1935 version of "Mutiny On The Bounty"....

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Next: I was born on Christmas Day and died sixty seven years later on New Year's Day. I was a football star at Wesleyan University, a playwright, a Broadway actor, and a perennial character actor. I played good guys and bad guys and is known for my gruff voice...They say I never speak when I can shout. Finally, I played a general in a TV show...Do You Know Me ?

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Five days lapse; call it an open thread.


_Do you know me? I wrote this_:


"Preceding a two-week concert tour of the Northwest, I entered the Union Station in Los Angles, and as usual went to the newsstand and asked, "Do you have a copy of the New Yorker ?"


The clerk (I loathed that woman; she spoiled my life) said, "I just sold the last copy. You're out of luck."


That was 1948 and I'm so superstitious I haven't read The New Yorker since. Occasionally Ira Girshwin will read me something from it which I accept and am delighted with, but I will not read it myself. Still...I miss The New Yorker terribly. I did cheat a few times, but only a few. About twelve years ago, when I still gave concerts, I read an occasional bad review which Winthrop Sergeant would give me. He was always predictably damning about me. But otherwise I don't allow The New Yorker in my house. I have a lot of character. I don't give in. It shows how well adjusted I am.


Do you know me?

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Right on the first post. Its from his book The Memoirs Of An Amnesiac , published in 1965.

I someone else had posted it, my guesses would have been (1) Woody Allen working a routine, or (2)

Oscar Levant giving the straight dope.


Poinciana's thread.

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I could hear Oscar's voice...


Next: I must have been convincing as the ultimate bad girl in the movies because I used to receive Bibles in the mail from people who wanted to show me the error of my ways and the path to salvation. My presence was perfect for the film noir films I'm delighted to say are thought of today as classics.


I am tall and can look quite intimidating. I often portrayed women who called the shots in a marriage or relationship.


Who am I?

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