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Do You Know Me?

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Who knew there were so many handsome brothers who were actors. Fantastic guesses. Great guess, skip- another 2.


The one who is not as well known as his brother, was not as well known as Dana or Steve.


He appeared in a few films, guest appearances on TV and showed up on one of his brothers TV shows many times, and also as a regular on another TV show his brother did that was not as big of a blockbuster as the other 2 TV shows were.


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BINGO !! I knew that last clue would do it. James and Jack Garner. H-A-N-D-S-O-M-E !

Jack passed away last fall. Of course wonderful James Garner is still here. Jack had many talents, he was quite athletic and a musician. He played Jack the Bartender on the short lived Brett Maverick Tv show James did.There was a 3rd brother, but he was not in show business. Well, skip, you were set on getting this one, Great work, I had a good time with this question today, thanks for keeping it going. It's your well deserved thread, now, and Happy New Year. Thanks everyone for all the guesses.


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A Prosperous and Healthy New Year To Everyone !!!


Alright, let's stick to brothers. This one may not be as hard...


This handsome leading man, who also starred in two popular TV series, had an older brother who started in the movies before he did and was in more films, but never rose beyond a bit player or supporting actor. He was never involved with television. The brother had the same name as another unrelated well-known actor, but had a different last name from the popular TV star brother. I don't think they ever appeared in the same film together...


Who were they and what were the famous brother's TV series ?

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{font:Times New Roman}"Born in Brooklyn in 1915, I was the athletic type and a professional swimmer, performing in aquatic underwater shows . I tried my luck in acting and changed my name. I married an actress, and our son is an actor, too. Some say he’s the epitome of me. I was seen in bit and supporting parts in movies, like Robert Mitchum's Til the End of Time and Susan Hayward's Deadline at Dawn in 1946. I was an adventurer in a hit 1950s show and was offered an underwater show after that, but turned it down. What a mistake! I was Betty White’s husband in a short-lived tv show in the late 1950s. And, I appeared frequently on tv in guest parts in the 1960s and 1970s, even working with my wife on her long-running and very successful show, and then with my son in the 1980s. Do you know me? And, my wife?"{font}


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