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Do You Know Me?

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This beautiful and gifted actress in Hollywood's Golden Age had the potential for a great movie career.


However, after she spurned the advances of her Studio head, who also, of course, held her contract, her career was stalled and eventually just petered out.


But today she is still remembered buy a number of her fans for a handful of great performances.


When you identify this actress, also name two of her outstanding roles.

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Princess, I'm going to guess Linda Darnell. If this is correct, two of her memorable performances would be in "A Letter to Three Wives" and "Forever Amber".

She's definitely not the person that I had in mind. And I don't know what your criteria is, but she went on to have quite a nice career. In my estimation she was a success and her potential was fulfilled. But I'm not an authority on her so--



If you want to present your criteria you have the floor--

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Thanks for your kind response, Princess.  Looking back over your clues, the part about her not having a successful career definitely does not describe Ms. Darnell.  But I must admit that it was fun to try to come up with an answer.  So I guess it's still open.  I hope someone comes up with the answer right away, since my curiosity is aroused.

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How about Jane Greer? I think Howard Hughes had a 'thing' for her...I'm not really a big fan of hers, but I'd say her best role was in Out of the Past.....?


Shutoo-- Bravo on the second try!


Jane was not just beautiful, but she was so perfectly the match for Robert Mitchum, and such a good actress for these Noir roles.


Shutoo, you earned your turn--

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Not much early struggle--her first job was a part in a hit Broadway musical...after which she was offered a starring film role which led to a long film and television career.  When she won her Oscar, she received a congratulations telegram signed by everyone in her home town (800 people).

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Shirley Jones?


She's the one!  On her first audition in NYC, she landed a part in South Pacific, and in short time, was off to Hollywood to star in ​Oklahoma! Even though she wasn't the center of attention on the evening she won her Oscar for Elmer Gantry ​(everyone was watching Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor...who reportedly rose from her death bed to attend), waiting for her at home was a telegram signed by everyone in Smithton, Pennsylvania.  


Your thread, starliteyes!!

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I always wanted to be an actor, but I came from a rich family and nobody would take me seriously.


I was a keen sportsman, so I had several titles as a result. Living in the LA area I ran into a number of older male movie stars at golf and country clubs who took me under their wings because my father was deceased.


Through them, I was able to get in the movies. But I never became a big star in the movies. It was only later that I attained stardom on the small TV screen.


Do you know me?

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No, but RJ certainly gave the illusion of being a rich Scion of an old family. And he certainly hung out at those country clubs and Golf Resorts with the old time movie stars.


But he wasn't rich and, although I'm sure he could play golf, I don't think he ever held any national titles are competed competitively in Sports.


But for whatever reasons, some older movie stars did, huh, sponsor him.




Hint: This actor lost the Academy Award due to studio politics and he never forgot that.

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