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Do You Know Me?

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CineSage, I know you have somebody in mind, and you're trying to get there by playing 20 questions.


But I submit that, whoever your special "somebody" turns out to be, you should at least acknowledge that my first guess was, in fact, CORRECT -- according to the one clue you had given at the time.


Your first clue was:


In my first movie role, I was missing a leg.


To which I replied:


Julia Matias?


Now, Julia Matias may not be the person you are looking for; okay, I get it. But when an answer comes in that is, in fact, CORRECT according to the available clues so far, you should at least acknowledge that.


Julia Matias, in her first and so far only movie role, played a one-legged woman in "The Parasite" (1997).


May not be who you want, but it is correct as of the date the answer was submitted.


Dan N.

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Well, I don't know that that doesn't violate the implied rules of this game, in which the Inquisitor has a certain person in mind, whose attributes satisfy the string of clues presented. I think it's fair to say that the parameters any individual clue has any number of other individuals with a characteristic that will apply to that clue alone.


It's all moot, hoever, in that I made an unfortunate mistake as to when the actor in question made his/her film debut. The clue should have read, then:


My character died shortly after revealing his missing leg to his successor.

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yes you are the winnah!!!



That's great news, oregano. But there's too much going on in my private life right now, so I can't devote a lot of energy to these boards. Would you mind asking the next question?


I'll be back soon, I hope.




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I'll try one, Oregano.


Who am I?


I started on Broadway, then movies (95 of them), finally television. My on-screen image is as an all-American do-gooder. In my best films, however, I play against type as cowardly or crooked authority figures. My star rose in the 30's, dimmed in the 60's. I left the world in the '90s.


Who am I?

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1 was born in brooklyn and started in silent film in 192i..continuing to sound till 1956..made over 100 movies in supporting roles with actors like spencer tracy, fredric march and paul muni among many others.......??????

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Edward G. Robinson..."Brother Orchid"


Metz....Welcome Back! Yes there is "Bad Blood" between "Snarfie" and I.


The reason.....back in January 2007, he listed four Board Members as being "Trolls" on a thread he maintained in "General Discussions" called "What A Surprise".


I was one of the one's this little maggot listed. He has been relentlessly provoking me since I had his thread where he spewed his bile "What a Surprise" closed and locked by TCM.


I have complained to TCMWebAdmin at least 16 times about the dirty tactics of this slimeball and they couldn't give a damn and let Snarfie continue his attacks on me.

I don't know the purpose of no action on their part...they might enjoy it!


So the war will continue until somebody DIES!


Welcome back metz....good to hear from you again!


Your pal;


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