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LB19... I write to you as a friend. Please accept this suggestion in the spirit in which it is offered.


The person you speak of is VP. But that answer is extremely easy for someone to find on the internet, and my suggestion is that you consider selecting questions that take some research to come up with the answers. I may be wrong, but I think a little enforced digging makes the game more fun.




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Dan- I'm not offended, I do accept your suggestion as a helpful one since I know that you are aware that I have come up with many on most of the threads that have been more challenging than this one. If you read my initial response when you congratulated me on Max Linder,I asked if someone else would take over since my day was very busy. When I got home last nite after spending most of the day in hospitals then at work and saw that no one had posed a question, I felt compelled to pose a question for you guys. I enjoy not just posting 'stumpers' but ones that I feel are informative. I love learning new things about films and people and figured that you guys did too. I also admitted when posting the question that it was not the best one.As I said, I'm not offended by your response. I enjoy your postings so much and have learned so much from them. Besides, they are so challenging that I know that you put much thought and effort into them. I will resist the easy way out next time and make sure that my questions are up to snuff. ;)


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Actor compared to silent screen stars such as Valentino and Navarro


*Dan, I thought your query to LB 19 was offensive. Her reply was very gracious. We are here to enjoy ourselves, not to prove who is the best informed or most intelligent. I didn't know this message board was a contest?*

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Jen,Thank You for the kind words and the fact that you wanted to defend me.You are a sweet person and I appreciate it. Dan, I think what incensed Jen was that you judged the quality of the question I posed.I think what bothers you is that since you feel that you put a lot of time and effort into the quality of your questions that you are disappointed when the rest of us don't follow your lead.


Please, let it go. All these threads are a source of relaxation and a pleasant diversion from a lot of stress(at least for me). As I use to tell my kids when they were little "play nice". I do think of all of you as "friends". We've probably logged in more hours together than many of the friends we have in our everyday lives!. Let's not mess with a good thing.

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OK, give me a bit to come up with a semi-decent one...


Here we go: My movies show up fairly regularly on TCM, even though I was not born in the United States, and my career was very much Europe-based. My career stretched from the days of silents to the mid-60's, and I was an editor, producer and writer in addition to directing.

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