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Thanks. I got lucky on that. I had read a Burton bio, and was aware that a lot of his off-screen life in later years was dominated by self-medication in dealing with sports injuries that happened in his youth. Took a guess and got lucky.


I do not really have the information that can be summoned up for appropriate questions on this thread. Consider the thread open for someone else to pose a good question.



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I was born into a performing family. My mother and father split up when I was a child and I lived with my mother and her family.

Still a child, I was misdiagnosed with a serious illness and the prescription was complete bed rest, no exercise, bland diet. Because of the diagnosis, my mother and I moved to California for the climate. I met the biggest celebrity in the world while there (I was paid a visit because I was a sick child). Years later, the star and I became friends when I was working in Hollywood, but we never discussed our previous meeting, though I did try to bring it up once.


Who am I?

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I started acted at around 18, but didn't limit myself to acting. My first attempt as a director was memorable - and I wrote the screenplay for the film, too. I had quite a life away from the business, as well. I gambled, drank, chased women and had homes around the world. I was married to five women - a 'schoolgirl,' a lady, an actress, a ballerina and a crocodile!


My friend Lauren Bacall has said of me that I lived life the way everyone else would like to but doesn't dare.


When I was asked what I would do if I could do it all over again I answered - "I would spend more time with my children, I would make my money before spending it, I would learn the joys of wine instead of hard liquor, I would not smoke cigarettes when I had pneumonia, I would not marry the fifth time."

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This sounds like more like John Barrymore (Errol's idol)

He has done all those and died from Pneumonia plus Cirrhosis..


The thing that I'm not 100% on is that; I think he was only married 4 times and not 5 like you are looking for... Unless he had another I never heard of..


But if so, then I would say it was him, "The Great Profile" himself...

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I'm not Errol Flynn or John Barrymore - though we did have some common interests.


I'm known for the work I did from the 1940's - 1980's. I acted some, directed a lot, and also wrote. I worked with my dad on a couple of films as well as with my daughter and two sons.

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