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Do You Know Me?

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Rich, let me try-

Who am I - I made a huge hit in a film in the eighties where

my character was murdered, I made some top draw films

but I tried to get a role in a film and did something stupid

which made Hollywood think there was something wrong

with me and my career fizzled out after I did a TV movie based

on a 19th century classic novel...Who Am I ?

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Dear visualfaest - you got it right - I am Sean Young and I was a big hit in that film with Kevin Costner No Way Out but I foolishly went on the Joan Rivers morning show dressed as Catwoman

and made a fool of myself so half of Hollywood thought I lost my mind...




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actually...I just scrolled back and noticed that visualfeast had the right answer with Sean Young and even tho Rainingvoilets opened up the thread, I'm going to ask visualfeast if they'd like to post...


Message was edited by: theladyeve

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Thanks, Lady...couldn't post this AM.


I was born in Texas, I'm still living, but no longer working. I'm a very good actress but the only award I received was for a very florid performance in a not-too-good film that featured a hackneyed script and saturated technicolor. I drove a nice car, though.

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Not Janis


Unfortunately my edited clue #2 never posted. Instead, one for my next entry did post.


Clue #2 I appeared opposite many of the leading men of the time. I got my big break playing a clerk in a highly regarded noir.

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Who Am I ? I was Blonde and gorgeous and tried my best to make a name for myself in films of the forties and although I was assigned a major role in a film that was a blockbuster book, I was replaced by a major star and assigned to some secondary roles. I made one film that is considered a classic and it is the one I will probably be remembered for...Who Am I

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