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Do You Know Me?

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I have been away from the computer for a couple of hours and while away I was thinking two things:


The second thing first: that I don?t have anything prepared or anything I feel inspired to do.


But, the first thing that kept eating at me was that obviously if eve did her research and found Vera Ralston was Miss Kansas, she meant her. She may not have known Vera Ralston became Vera Miles, but still she knew. And, in all of the times we (she and I) have worked on the same thread, she gets the right answer (sometimes only minutes before I do.) So, I obviously respect her work and research in ?getting her man.? I can?t honestly feel like I got the answer first. Maybe, the complete answer. But how much is complete? So, I wanted to get back on my computer and concede the next thread to her, or at least give her first crack at it.


Then, I get on and see a few posts about this, which I have not fully read, because I didn?t want to be influenced by what was said while I was away. And, after I post this, I will read all that has been said in my short absence.


So, eve, I?d rather it be your turn, if you want it.

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lana- my post was directed to uc not you- nobody cares one way or the other. These are only trivia games-and no one is accusing you of stealing anything. If you want to post the next question- go ahead- if not leave the thread open Stop fretting over silly stuff.

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I was composing this (and I only wanted to be fair to eve).


?Originally, I turned down the role that most people would remember me for, as a waiter in a very famous joint. You can find me also in several musical comedies, even though I?m not regarded as a professional singer, and I make friends with one particular blonde in most of these musicals. And, even though I am known for being jovial and having a generally nice disposition, I have known tragedy in my personal life. All three of my sisters died in concentration camps. I had been in Hungarian and German films, until the rise of Hitler, when I came to America. I am known to my friends by a nickname and it was brought into my professional life. I used to have a beard, when I was younger to make myself appear older and it was so becoming, that I took the Hungarian word for beard as my screen name as well.?


"Do you know me??


Message was edited by: allaboutlana

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?Yes, I am S.Z. ?Cuddles? Sakall, and I did almost let the chance go by to be in Casablanca. I played uncle and/or rich millionaire friend to Doris Day in movie musicals of the late 40s and early 50s. Because of my befuddled amiability on-screen, my trademark jowls and comical exasperation, I was nicknamed "Cuddles" and was often billed that way. The initials preceding my name are from the Hungarian for Szoke Szakall, meaning 'blonde beard', so called because I wore one as a young actor to look older. I was even given the chance to be a heavy as a somewhat lecherous Broadway producer in Yankee Doodle Dandy. I retired in 1954, after having a very fulfilling career, giving joy to others, in the bargain. At least, I hope so. That is what I wish.?


Your turn.

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I was born in Scotland and came to America in the early 1900's. I was one of the original Keystone Kops. I had a trademark expression that was the inspiration for a modern-day cartoon character's expression. My bald head and fake mustache made me the perfect comic foil.

Who am I?

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