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Thank you. Here's one...


I was born in Kentucky and worked sales jobs before I left for California. I studied at the famed Pasadena Playhouse and auditioned for *Gone with the Wind* though I didn?t get a part. My career spanned the late 30?s through the mid-80?s and I appeared in various genres including Westerns, epics and crime thrillers. I was married, and married, and married, and married and married again ? but who?s counting...One famed British actor with whom I appeared in one of his earlier films reportedly said this about me:


?I?ve never known an actor so happily aware of his limitations. He rejoiced in them. He liked to joke that he was no actor and he said he had 60 films to prove it. But against him I looked like an amateur?What a wonderful man. He taught me to play craps??

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Sometime in the night Stewart Granger became Victor Mature?!? Tricky, tricky! Yes, I'm Victor Mature! It's yours...


P.S. - the Brit was Richard Burton who worked with Mature on *The Robe*


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I wouldn?t have known it, had it not been for the quote about not being an actor and having 60 pictures to prove it. But, for some reason, I thought of Stewart Granger first, even though I knew he was British. He was listed for maybe five minutes, when I realized it was Victor Mature. I guess you saw his name, but then soon after I changed it.

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?I have truly had one of the most interesting careers in the industry. I was in the movies, on the stage, had a success on tv, and even lent my voice to a videogame. In fact, I have one of the most recognizeable voices ever. Once you?ve heard me, you know me thereafter (by voice, I mean. ) I was at one time married to a very nice-looking actress , who had a lot of spunk and who later married well, a German writer I believe. Even though I was not what you might call easy on the eyes, I was in high demand and worked as long as I was able. I was in too many movies to mention here, but I was on the rooting team of one tough fighter. I was on a tv show in the 60s that everyone wanted to be on; it was the ?in? show to be on in those days. If you don?t know me by now, this is it. I am probably most remembered for being on one particular episode in the 60s that has gone down in tv history as part of our pop culture.?


?Who am I??

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I tried to post over two hours and couldn?t get it to work.


?Yes, I am Burgess Meredith. I had had a very prosperous film career in the 1930s and 40s and I was married four times, six years with actress Paulette Goddard, and 27 years to my last wife. Because of my very liberal political views, I had collided with Senator Joseph McCarthy and was blacklisted from films in the late 1950s. One might say, I got revenge on McCarthy by portraying Joseph Welch, the man who humiliated McCarthy on national television, in the 1977 TV-Movie ?Tail Gunner Joe.? Director Otto Preminger helped me revive my career.


I became The Penguin, only because first choice Spencer Tracy wanted to actually kill Batman. Obviously, the producers couldn?t have the star die. So, it came to me. In fact, my character was so popular, the producers always had a "Penguin" script ready for me whenever I wanted to show up. I was also on ?The Twilight Zone? as the voracious reader who wanted to be left alone and to have all the time in the world to read, when life on Earth ended except for me, and then I had to go and break my glasses.


I did a lot of stage work, winning a special Tony for ?A Thurber Carnival? in 1960. I was Oscar-nominated for ?Rocky,? with Sylvester Stallone. I was one of several grumpy old men in the 1990s (and was only 17 years older than my son in the movies, Jack Lemmon), but was still as **** as ever. The last work I ever did was in 1996 in providing my voice for a video game with a modern interpretation of the Jack the Ripper legend. All in all, I?ve done what I wanted to do. In my early years I somehow came to understand I would have to draw from within myself whatever emotional resources I needed to go wherever I was headed. As a result, for years I became a boy who lived almost totally within himself. Acting was an escape for me, and from my childhood. But, I?ve grown up and accomplished much.?


Your turn.

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Ok let's try this


I had to help my mother out since I had 4 brothers and sisters and I was only 10 months old when dad died. I began modeling at a young age had some bit parts on TV then I landed a plum role in an Oscar nominated film. I was in a car accident and had to be in a wheelchair for 2 years.I was diagnosed as manic depressive and was married and divorced 5 times. Another film I was in won an Oscar (not best picture) and is well known. I was praised for my first film for holding my own in scenes with the 3 top billed stars and I won a Golden Globe for my performance. I was 34 when I retired from films.


Who am I ?

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