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Do You Know Me?

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I'd like to give my turn to inglis. I may not be able to check in regularly if my question is too obscure and I know that carol is here quite often.


Things are good with me. Steady work, happy family, faithful dog... who could ask for anything more? Keeping a straight face is a little difficult right now, though. ;)



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Thanks Charlie that was very kind of you I will give this a try.okay here goes .I was the daughter of a miner from Tennessee.I moved to L.A. at the age of 10 , a popular **** girl earlier on in my career,I reached the height of my fame in the 1940's and 50's who am I ( please excuse me if I have not done this right it is my first time ,Judith if you can give me some tips on how to ask great. okay take a guess any body)

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> George Bernard Shaw ?


Right you are!!! So far, GBS is the only Nobel Prize winner (for literature) to win an Academy Award as well (for the screenplay for "Pygmalion"). Jerry Lewis has come close -- imagine that.


You're up again, inglis.

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I am a native of Baltimore, I toured with a number of stage productions. Throughout the 1930's I starred in a number of plays. I made my film debut in John Fords The Long Voyage Home . I had some memorable but small roles in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon,and The Quiet man .Who am I

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Judith, you are good... but no, I am not Percy Helton.


Like myself, Percy appeared in vaudeville at an early age. Like me, he portrayed a version of Santa Claus on screen.


But that's only two points. You've got to include the third point: On the stage, I created a role that many critics described as "loveable."


Who am I?


Dan N.



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